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Kuwait Airport Makes the “World’s Worst 10 Airports” List

According to an article on Arab Times, Kuwait Airport is ranked the 7th worst airport in the world according to Skytrax, the airline and airport review and ranking site. I tried to figure out how Arab Times got their top 10 list but I couldn’t figure it out, on another list also by Skytrax, Kuwait is ranked the 6th worst airport.

6th or 7th, it doesn’t matter really. Previously another airport and airline review site, AirHelp, had ranked Kuwait Airport the 2nd worst in the world, but suspiciously after that ranking, Kuwait stopped appearing on their list.

I’m traveling tomorrow with British Airways from Terminal 1 and not really looking forward to it, although truthfully, since Terminal 4 and the Jazeera terminal opened, Terminal 1 has been pretty chill. It’s just visually an ugly terminal with nothing to do once inside.

While on the subject of airports, I remember reading online somewhere that the fee for long term parking at Terminal 1 got increased from 2KD per day to 5KD per day, can anyone confirm that?

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I last used the long term parking in Terminal 1, around Christmas last year and it was still Kd 2 per day. Not aware if it has changed since.

A cab to airport is like 4kd? A cab back home is 8kd so we are at around 12kd just cabs. I’m traveling for 6 nights, so that’s 12KD for parking. Even if parking was going to cost me me more, I’d pay the extra amount and not have to deal with cabs.

I paid 7.5 KD last week to go to the airport (from Salmiya Block 2 to Jazeera terminal with Careem) and 10 KD for the Amiri taxi from Airport to home. That’s a significant cost.
I prefer to use the long-term parking but this time avoided it because I was flying on 22nd and I knew the lots will be full. A friend told me that he had to go back with his car, and come back to the airport in a taxi.

what I do sometimes if parking is full and I didn’t get there early enough is park in short term parking, go inside, check in and then come back out take my car and go wait outside the long term parking for someone to leave so I can get in.

My Plan B would be to go park in the cargo arrival area and then walk over but obviously not a good idea in the summer. Also there is always the Kuwait Airways airport and then take public bus from there to terminal 1.

You can also leave your car with valet, they charge 2kd per day which if im not mistaken is the same price as long term parking. Just less hassle of having to wait outside the longterm for someone to come out if its full.

That’s what I had heard and so it was my plan B until one day parking was full so figured I’d give car to valet and I found out they had stopped it

The Airport is very old and very small with low ceiling. Never updated and never changed. Honestly it makes me sad when I see it compared to other GCC countries. Even Bahrain airport is better.

Not sure about the long term parking at terminal 1.
But Jazeera parking is 5 KD per day.
I would say the other parking has to be less.

the T1 parking fee for long term is KD 2 per day, no change and now they have EV charging station in Short Term parking.

While the lack of amenities and outdated facilities contribute to the current Kuwait International Airport’s low ranking, issues like unprofessional staff, long queues, and slow boarding procedures should be addressed first.
The new airport in Kuwait has the potential to significantly improve the passenger experience, but ensuring a well-trained and professional staff is crucial. Focusing on staff behavior, clear communication, and a positive attitude, will be key to creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for travelers.

This is the most relevant comment on this post, one of my school mates who had moved to canada originally of indian descent was once passing by kuwait a few years ago, He was welcomed with the yelling of the customs as though they were herding sheep (the poor domestic workers who were entering), whats funny is he got yelled at, then he showed his passport and there was an instant change in behavior towards him XD, yes even if the new airport comes into play, competent and respectful staff should be the first priority unless they want to maintain the current ratings.

Also the people having a debate on whether it is cheaper to Cab it to the airport or Park in long term, as with all the other services in the world, if you can afford it, use it , if not do what fits you best, it is simply a point of preference.

what 2kd? you think a cab to the airport and back is just 2kd? do you live in kuwait?

also, it costs generally more to park in long term parking then the cab so not sure what you’re saying, i’m not parking in long term parking to so i don’t pay for a cab. jeez some people are so stupid.

Waiting outside a full lot for 45 minutes, to save a couple of KD on a taxi…

Geez, some people are so so stupid

Idiot you can’t even do basic math or read it seems. Nobody is saving money by parking in the long term lot, fucking try reading first before leaving dumb ass comments.

To be fair, Terminal 1 has its advantages too. Compared to other regional peers and major aviation hubs it holds its own for seniors who do not fancy a walkathon thrust on them from curbside to gates. In that sense it trumps Hamad International or DBX.
On the flip side, the duty free is dull and boring. Ever since Habchi & Chloub exited as duty free operators it has lost its groove. The overall aesthetic was vastly superior with Habchi & Chloub at the helm of things. On engagement with staff and customer relations aspect what you receive is entirely governed by who you are: locals and white expats on the one hand and all the rest on the other. There is so much potential with Terminal 2 in the offing, provided they are heavily invested in the human capital to operate the new airport terminal.

This is really hard to believe compared to some of the airports I’ve seen around the world; Dhaka and Cairo come to mind but then it’s been awhile.

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