Kuwait broke Guinness World Record for largest helmet in the world

Post by Mark

With this one we also broke the Guinness World Record for lamest idea ever. Here’s a link with a bit more details. [Link]

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    • Conformy says:

      You know it’s probably because of a lack of identity, not fitting in due culture clashes creating family barriers, bad experiences in life and of course being hormonal in nature to encourage that kind of preference.

      People are obsessed with finding the perfect love of their life and through this obsession they forget that they can love those they spend their time with even if the beginning is arranged. Also this obsession makes groups turn their obsession to fornicate or find love difficult which makes some resort to unconvential practices like excessive masterbation. Excuse me for being direct but the topic is quite sexual.

      So is it a problem for a society? It depends on how these people fit and how they grow as transsexuals. I have seen old transsexuals and they look very bad. Unfortunately science is not ready for this option since it ostracized people by quite obviously showing negative signs of an operation that already won’t be regarded too well. Therefore it would be seen as a disadvantage to society. Of course there are hermapherdites who need to switch to a side anyways, so it’s impossible to understand.

      So if society is not ready, nor is science. Maybe we should let other liberal societies develop sex changes better so they can fit in, mean while we go a bit back to our traditional roots. Where our identities are very simple, and finding love is actually not romantic at all, except for a few cases. However in this traditional sense people fit in better without having scared (pastense of scar) individual as old transexuals possibly regretting even more and developing their obsession into a depression and more down ward spirals. 

      So we might need to further censor our society so we have more similar thinking since it seems parents have reached that point that they can’t communicate with their kids due to globalization offering a culture they did not know was having an affect. This is not just in the middle east or with families that travel but in any soceity that has many new cultures existing in the same place, and change with time create that age gap as well. This is normal for large societies but we can turn our large society into a tribe. That’s if you don’t want people to become transexuals so easily. 

      Of course that kind of sacrifice is not wanted because it implies a fundamentalist society where only those who are similar and conform will be content with their life. We are seeing on tv ideas of individuality, rebellion, being independent however all these things are selfish, what about the society that made possible, or the sacrifices of the past? Where is our collective selves that we are willing to put our benefit aside and make necessary sacrifices for a better society like many have done so in the past?

      We have made a compromise to have freedoms to allow for religious and non religious to intermingle and have an affect in our lives through the media, schools, friends, teachers, etc. All these freedoms imply a certain lifestyle that we don’t have. We are not ready to act out on these ideas, but we should also not be afraid of them. Diversity has a cost, that it plants the seed of doubt in our lives and teaches to find our destiny. For some that destiny is obscure and misguided and the others the rewards are plentiful.

      • Conformy says:

        I meant to say: not impossible to understand.

      • aaa says:

        I don’t think we should stifle individuality To retain a culture. Cultures grow and change over time, don’t let them stagnate because you’re scared of change. Nothing wrong with having a love marriage and I don’t see how that’s related to a sex change lol.

        • Conformy says:

          It’s because people are free to choose who they love. That freedom can take them on a wild journey when they can wake up from a trance like dream all used and hung over possibly with regret or joy. They take chances they experiment and they go for that touch down, that goal through the goal keeper but sometimes there is no net to catch the ball and there are babies.

          You freedom is not a bad thing but in the middle east they don’t know how to deal with it. Patents depend on the maids, school and religious people to do their job. Worse if they just get their kids want they want like certain video games with wring themes, watch any kind of tv just keep them distracted. These kind of parents should have gotten pets instead of kids of they are surprised their kids grew up into something they don’t since they never understood the environment they exposed those kids to.

          Of course this is not all cases, and there fore to further isolate incidents we can travel back in time and create a very simple society. Maybe something like the Amish. I like their attitude.

  1. Burhan says:

    can some one give me the exact location of this place !? so i can visit there Friday and just take some Pictures… Thanks ;D

  2. uselesskuwait says:

    lol @ kuwait

  3. TweeZ says:

    space program…..no

    medical advancement…..no

    fix the traffic problem….no

    better the standard of education…no

    build a giant helmet….YES! HELL YES!

  4. Devin says:

    I saw it forgot where its at, but thought it was somthing old that people let go to waste. I guess when I saw it, it wasn,t finished yet…

  5. qwerty says:


  6. PKG says:

    hahahaha ohh man.. awesome.. jus wht we need.. ppl wastin their time n money on stuff like this.. jeez..

  7. Sauce says:

    this is retarded

  8. BO7MOOD says:

    The record is not for the largest “helmet” in the world. Kuwait broke the record for the largest structure built with recyclable material.

  9. Daniel says:

    Another way to waste time and money… Kuwait get back to work!!!

  10. jznnnnnnn says:

    “With this one we also broke the Guinness World Record for lamest idea ever. Here’s a link with a bit more details.” hahahahaha

  11. Kuwait says:

    More suggestions for records Kuwait can break:

    Biggest Tissue Box
    Biggest Traffic Cone
    Largest Starbucks Coffee Cup
    Smallest Condom

  12. Jihad makarem says:

    Congrats to Kuwait for the record. and congrats to Ashraf Makarem for making one of the worlds most idealistic tasks and making a very good name.

  13. DaniS says:

    I think if he enjoys doing it, then let him do whatever he wants with his money. He’s not out killing anyone or hurting anyone in any way, so what’s the problem? Some people enjoy spending thousands on designer handbags & luxury cars, he enjoys breaking world records. More power to him. Mabrook Ashraf :)

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