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I can’t find it now but I remember reading in a local blog a complaint about Kuwait Cinema closing for Ramadan. Well I think I now know why, it seems they are rebranding. KNCC will become the mother company while CinemaScape (if i remember correctly) will be the new name. You might have noticed the outdoor ads recently (the do not cross yellow police line), I think they will launch the new brand once they open up the cinemas again during eid.

update: seems KNCC closed today till eid and has been open throughout ramadan.

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  1. busynow says:

    KNCC sucks last week they show this movies
    City of Ghosts(2002)
    its really old movie, i watched it on super movies on year 2003.
    I think even free channel like mbc 2 show this movie.

  2. Tata Botata says:

    hey I saw those outdoor ads on the sides of the streets (mupis) near marina mall and along gulf road.

    You can actually see the ad (or so I would like to think) if you rip the yellow tape, cuz it’s really a yellow tape.

    I mean I saw something under the tape peaking out. :p

  3. Jewaira says:

    You always seem to have the latest scoop on the advertising sector don’t you? :)

  4. 3baid says:

    What sort of “new services” will this pointless “rebranding” bring us? :/

  5. holla says:

    fuck KNCC, they make us pay 2.5KD for shitty censored films that used to cost 500fils to watch.
    sound/picture/seating quality mean jack shit when the film jumps everytime 2 people kiss. even 500fils was too much for this shit.

  6. Mahi says:

    landor Dubai is working on the KNCC’s re-branding project since last couple of months, will expect to see something cool from the branding guru.

  7. Hisho says:

    I think kncc doing great jop so far ,i realy cant stop my self going every week to there cinemas , i love there Nashoooos :O)

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