Kuwait Energy: Green Wall Documentary

Post by Mark

“The Kuwait Green Wall” project, which aims to plant 315,000 trees on a stretch of 420 kilometers on the borders of the country in a call to implement effective solutions to the rising environmental and climate issues.

I would rather they plant 315,000 trees in Salmiya where I can at least see them instead of all the way in the middle of no where but that’s just me. Sorry I’m just pissed off because the middle sidewalk in old Salmiya has still not been planted. [YouTube]

Warning: Documentary may cause drowsiness

Update: Maybe they should first launch a campaign to stop cutting trees in Kuwait?

Photo by @BasilAlsalem

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  1. 3azeez says:

    Do you really believe that planting those trees in the desert near the borders will really do any good to the environment?

    this project is probably aiming to profit financially from all the infrastructure and land development required for this project.

    • Mark says:

      If I can’t see them then they don’t exist

      • Hamad says:

        that is assuming trees don’t give off just plain old oxygen, we don’t need to see rainforests in brasil to know that we breathe off them, We dont need studies to know that worldwide in one generation, Nature has shifted dramatically with double digit losses , Just ask your grand parents what they used to have , take that percentage change on your generation and multiply by two for the next two generations . blame it on global warming, blame it on governments , its our grand kids who will suffer the disregard for nature our age is guilty of. natures system is more than just trees .. its a community of beings that together build a sustainable micro climate , a humous ( water retaining upper layer) making machine …desertification can be reversed by building back the community that was lost.. ps please know that we are increasing the water table in kuwait by the extreme water use, but have not tapped it. naturalized trees ( the lone survivors in the middle of the desert can ) its a spark of a chain reaction that need work to make the wheel start back again..They need us to support them for two years enabling them to touch the water table , they will give us back a life time … Trees are not decor people … they are life….these need fungus not only water… oxygen levels decreasing, populations increasing … and still we need mama nature to correct itself with disasters to realize this, and yet we love to blame it on the boogie man …Nature is the perfect system and it will survive, its us that will be our own victims… pity on the next generations for they will call us the age of stupid who burned gas to move wheels … used tree as decoration.. decimated the micro fungus and living soil because of ignorance.. our plain desert is teaming with life … We just are too busy waiting for the next big iphone release to take the time and really look… Life #AfterTheLastTree will be Oxygen stations and air for sale … 4 million k.d trees known as BioMachines O2 ++ models …. for a glimse of what we are doing to our grandkids future .. check the hashtag on instagram … #AfterTheLastTree … forget the economy people… air is more important

        • Hamad says:

          I am not praising the sustainability of this project as i heard nothing scientific just emotion that i commend, take Que from nature … rework it with our needs and available resources, waste water from new cities, fertilizer from grazing herds already grown for our consumption and we just might recreate something that uses all the waste we already throw away, it urban permaculture …a natural system that feeds and grows…

  2. Desert Girl says:

    Em, to make up for the uncountable numbers of trees and shrubs that the municipality has been cutting down in the past almost-decade throughout residential areas all over Kuwait?

    Maybe it is yet another attempt to break a Guinness record (yawn).

    Who won the contract for this?

  3. Aha! I was wondering why they planted so many trees in the area by Arifjan. Last year all of a sudden there were trees being planted until it made a huge wall. I thought they were planting them to control the sand and dust that goes crazy in the summer but it seems it is part of their “going green” project, now if we could kill the national bird (plastic bags) of Kuwait, have recycle bins like they do in Dubai, recycle tires and implement smog checks like the USA we might be able to breathe a little better. Just sayin’

  4. marius says:

    :)))) what a joke…like a girl said … :we had fun”…:))))

    first of all,the amount of water to sustain the life of those trees is huge.you need to bring pipe lines with water…water from where?the distance is tooo big-the cost is too high.they don’t have water in wafra (farm areas where they bring water with tanks) and they will bring for this project?

    soon we will start to plant alot of palms,trees and shrubs on the 40 road,all the way till border with saudia.water we supply from well’s,installed all the way,like 20-30 numbers.but the sea is near and the water level is high,compare with the area wher they want to plant those trees.

    second: they plant those small treese direct in to the sand-soil.if you want that those trees to grow up you need to make a hole 1x1meter ,deep at least 70cm and filled with agricultural soil.again ,the cost is highhhh.
    for sure those trees they plant will die in few weeks.100%

    third: it’s a stupid idea.i don’t see the utility .inside the country they start to replace the natural grass with artificial grass… :)))

    i think this project is for some people who are bored at home and they heard green is fashion these days…:)))

    • aaa says:

      Kuwait has huge reserves of purified wastewater. It’s safe for drinking but people don’t want to drink it because of the stigma. This is why there are a lot of plants and greenery along the highways in a desert country.

      I dunno when we suddenly became so jaded that trees were evil now.


  5. Adam says:

    Planting trees in the desert is a horrible thing for the environment. Petroleum sludge powered desalination is one of the dirtiest things known to man, and thats how you will water the trees in the sand in 65C. A report was commissioned on the ecological disaster caused by the Green Up Abu Dhabi project and it found the carbon footprint of the project far outweighed any tiny benefits from the new trees. Sure they look good, but don’t fool yourselves into thinking you are helping.

  6. desert sky says:

    What a waste.Will these trees even grow out there in the desert?Should have planted it closer to the city in my opinion.

  7. husain says:

    Well everyone is behind plants growing and cutting they are also having a soul looking in front of them dying is really bad. cutting them after they are grown matured its more bad its like a murder.

    If anyone noticed the palm Trees on the Gulf Street some of them are tide all there leaves are tied with rope and they are dying slowly,
    if anyone noticed please please reply to this and support it.

  8. Tk says:

    Seriously some people just have to complain about anything. Just thinking about planting trees in Kuwait is itself at big step forward. Who knows maybe this actually might reduce the amount of dust in the country if it is completed.

  9. Samuel says:

    Our building since it is located facing a highway had some vacant area.I contacted a landscape engineer who was residing in the same building to get some saplings,well he got around 40 of them since we wanted to plant them in a stretch of six buildings,after planting them and nurturing them for around 7 months they were fully grown.One final day the municipality uproots all of the trees now in that place in spite of having ample parking place people have built sheds to park their cars and the municipality isn’t doing anything to demolish them.The funny thing is when the trees were fully grown people used to park their cars to shelter it from the scorching summer heat.Now people have just attached a private tag to the free land which was not being used.

  10. Samuel says:

    And the trees that I am talking about could sustain by itself without the need for water once it is fully grown!So they were maintenance free!!

  11. Nab says:

    Hi Mark

    ‘ having been reading about all the ideas you have about giving old Samiya an uplift. I don’t know what your chances are of you becoming a mayor of that place. However, it would not be a bad idea to put your ideas into an animated form. Just have a movie made as to how you would like ols Salmiya to look. Maybe once you have that up, it would communicate your ideas much more effectively. Maybe it would come across someone who could make use of your ideas.

    Just a thought.

  12. Rehab says:

    What happened to the plan of Playing 1 Million Date palm trees for National Day.

    If they want environment Fix, then let start with Jleeb, spending those money to fix unwanted drain river ! (I don’t want aneone to suggest = Eat Less Expatriates) !

    • Rehab says:


    • Tjcfilms says:

      I first heard about this a while back from a friend. First thing I asked was why plant them out there? Why not throughout Kuwait where people can enjoy them. I thought they finally said screw it and didn’t do it. Then they Contacted me to possibly make the doc. That was a while back. Surprised this just got released. Wonder why such a long delay.

  13. Marcel says:

    I agree on urban areas, Mark. Just only for decoration value is there no other reason to plant trees in a desert.

    A desert is a desert also due the absent of trees. Not enough water, too hot, no fertile soil. Planting trees in a desert costs more damage to the world-environment than it ever can provide in return of that investment.

    If you notice many trees in a desert, than you call it a forest.
    Or a Fata Morgana. Or seek mental help.

    Environmental-friendly ideas are often a bit naive.

  14. 3azeez says:

    Regarding your update…
    When I was living in Surra, they came once and cut all the trees in half just like your picture. I was so pissed you can’t imagine how bad.

    however, the trees grew back in less than two years and they were even bigger than ever before. It turned out, they cut the trees this way to allow the roots grow deeper and stronger.

    but i’m not a tree expert. this is what i’ve been told.

  15. ha says:

    The green wall is intended to reduce the amount of sandstorms that bury Kuwait i believe

  16. John Peaveler says:

    The leading cause of desertification in kuwait is overgrazing. The only ways to resolve the dust storms we have created are to develop a more sustainable food industry and to protect the desert from ourselves and to allow desert plants to return. Unless particular care is taken to ensure native biodiversity, then planting is unnecessary. Kuwait’s desert is naturally teeming with plant life that will thrive if left alone. You might also consider why there are so many thousands of camels in kuwait if racing and eating are so minimal.

  17. They’re cutting those (conocarpus)trees because they finally decided that their roots are causing too much damage to underground infrastructure (pipes, sewage, foundations. That’s true, they can be a nightmare sometimes. They found an alternative that grows just as well without the damaging root system, and apparantly they’re going to be replacing the ones the cut down with the safer trees.

    • aaa says:

      Yeah our conocarpus roots ended up finding the sewage tanks :/

      They have to be like that to survive in Kuwait’s climate though.

      What’s the alternative called?

    • Gijo Paul George says:

      @Barrak any idea what is the new safe option? Hend and I were so angry when we saw the trees being cut down at the maghreb road because it was one of the more beautiful approaches towards the city.

  18. Mufasa says:

    Can any body please give me there contact numbers?

    To enroll with them in this activity !!

  19. tjcfilms says:

    I first heard about this a while back from a friend. First thing I asked was why plant them out there? Why not throughout Kuwait where people can enjoy them. I thought they finally said screw it and didn’t do it. Then they Contacted me to possibly make the doc. That was a while back. Surprised this just got released. Wonder why such a long delay.

  20. YUSUF HUSSAIN says:

    It is nice to see this kind of environment activities around us in Kuwait. I would like to see this cultivation near Refineries area like Fahaheel. So I can participate in this trees growing activities and help to solve a tiny way against pollution of increasing Carbon monoxide at air. I will participate to grow plantation & taking care of it.

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