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Mardi Gras Kuwait

The US Embassy will be having a Mari Gras event on April 18th at the US Embassy starting at 6PM. I will try to get more information on this event but I am guessing there will be a lot of beer available and I am hoping a lot of girls flashing, but most probably no topless girls just beer.

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Maybe Mark was over-exaggerating on some details (girl flashing) but beer is for real. I told my dad a teacher at my school flies out to Bahrain on some weekends to drink alcohol, and he told me that he can go to the British embassy and ask for some. Then I told my teacher and he said “I’d have a much better chance at the US embassy! Now all I need is an invite..”

Yayyyy party!!! Now how does one get an invite? Would it be easier for an American to get one?

Stallion, any idea how to get tickets/passes for the jazz show?

There is a open bar (happy hour) every wednesday evening(mostly). All u need to do is find someone with embassy access to sign you in. There normally are more men in dishdashas getting hammered than there are westerners. As far as the Mardi Gras party, u probably will just need someone to sign you in and you have a better cahnce of getting flashed in Salmiya than at the embassy.

Yes, but the way you talk about topless women and Tara Reid (skank no. 1) all the time – it is like you never see any… which is why I asked! Not because I think married people “turn gay” (???!!!)

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