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Rescue 777

We needed an ambulance at our office because a guy with diabetes fainted due to low sugar (or something like that). We called 777 and within 5 minutes the paramedics arrived. I am impressed.

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This is great thing to hear, on the other side a simple spoon full of sugar might did the trick. I suppose there should be some kind of braclets or cards for diabetic patients to help them in emergency situations like this.

I dialled 777 and they didnt even speak English! In my view its a joke! (or not depending on ur circumstances)

What an improvement!

Last time I called 777 was 5 years ago.
I had an acciedent in Bneider (it was my fault), and since 777 didn’t answer me for more than 5 minutes, I started calling 101.
They (101) answered 5 minutes later, I asked for Al-Zor Police Station, talked to them… then after 20-25 minutes of calling 777 for the 1st time.. the police arrived, not because 777 answered, but because Al-Zor station answered (via 101).

So if I’m in an accident -God forbid- I will call 101 and ask them for the nearest police station, but know after reading your post I’m really impressed!

I changed my mind.

101 sucks the last time I called them few months ago searching for KLM office no. I waited for 10min till they’ve answered and at the end I’ve got a wronge no. ! . I then used my old friend and found the no through klm’s site.

In reference to TJ’s post, I suggest that English speaking personnels must be available at any time in our ministries. Why are they still thinking that everybody in Kuwait speaks Arabic?

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