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Pictures from the Ferrari road show

ferrari road show

Last weekend (March 23) was the Ferrari road show. 35 Ferrari’s participated in the event and they drove 70KM from Sha’at en-Gifa’a on Bida’a Road to Kempinski Hotel Julai’a. Here are 3 pictures from that event.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Note: Pictures were not taken by me.

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All of them are beauts, but no Enzo 🙁 I heard there was atleast 1 in Kuwait, in Salwa, it’s parked inside a garage

Mo Hat : There Was 1 enzo and 1 super america in the Gathering Check http://www.Q8SpeeD.Com

There Are Nearly 4 Enzos iN Q8 , 2 red ones,1 black and 1 yellow ,Both the Red Ones are in Salwa

there was a porsche gathering on friday check the pics On 🙂

OMG, i just realized there was a q8speed website! I thought that message was just recommending u use IE for the forum, I didnt think there was an actual website there!!

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