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Smartwrap is a small rubber stereo earphone cord manager. Basically what this means is if you have a headphone with a really long cord, the Smartwrap solves that issue for you by making it shorter.

When the Smartwraps first came out ages ago I wanted one but the only website that sold them only accepted PayPal which wouldn’t work with my Kuwaiti visa card. I then forgot about it until yesterday when I noticed someone at work had gotten one. His sister had ordered a couple and he ended up giving me a black one.

This thing rocks, its such a small simple thing but its won a couple of design awards and its just extremely practical. As you can see in the picture above I have wrapped my headphone around the Smartwrap, its annoying to have excess cable when I am working at my desk and its a lot neater now.

Anyway I just checked Amazon and they are selling the Smartwraps in packs of 3’s for like $11 so you can head over and get one incase you are interested.
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I really love the Smartwrap!! I just uploaded a super hi-res picture of it, check it out. [Picture]

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Thanks! I really need one like that as my mini iPod earphones wire got damaged because of pulling and tugging on the long cord.
I wish they’d come up with something like that for longer and thicker cords so that wires behind TV sets look neater.
Thanks again..

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