Miniature Golf

Post by Mark

Spotted this “small” miniature golf setup in the Basement of Discovery Mall. I’m guessing its for kids but it’s strange no one has built a proper miniature golf course in Kuwait. I guess it probably has to do with the weather…

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  1. Frankom says:

    Yes the weather
    and the only one i saw is located at the Sahara Resort

  2. Mark says:

    Sahara have miniature golf? I never saw that will look for it next time I am there.

  3. Nerdcore says:

    There is also a mini-golf course in Fintas. It’s near the beach and is 2KD to get in. Connects to a beach, a decent one from what I hear, but nothing special. At least you can get a game of mini-golf in and then grill some burgers later.

  4. Mark says:

    Burgers and golf, sounds like a plan.

  5. Rajev says:

    I guess this place was previously a miniature archery place for kids.

  6. Kuwaitiful says:

    Saharah has a great golf course, its not a miniature one, it’s actually standard size. Full of Japanese golfers for some reason.

    Try out next time you pass by.

  7. Mark says:

    Rajev: The archery place was on the ground floor

    Kuwaitiful: I know their Golf Course, I was surprised they had a miniature golf course

  8. talli says:

    the miniature golf course in fintas is actually in the compound of Egaila Beach…pretty big, well lit and fancy miniature site, except not that well maintained but I guess that is maybe because very few people actually do come there to play…the 2 times I have been there, we were the only group playing at the time!!

  9. Why not have an indoor miniature golf course?? Could be built at any of the malls!

  10. Nerdcore says:

    Because Outdoor is far better.

  11. 360dewan says:

    I’ll go there to play wanna join ;D

  12. Abi says:

    That is not miniature golf at Sahara – that is the practise ground!

  13. ahmad says:

    i know the owner and he is a very nice man

  14. Thuraya Lynn says:

    Wouldnt mind visiting some of the suggestions above.

    All I wanna know now is whats that dolphin doing there…

  15. s. says:

    there is a mini gold coarse in wafra i heard

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