Mo Razzouqi – A Kuwaiti Illustrator

Post by Mark

Mo is a 22 year old Kuwaiti student currently studying at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. When I first saw some of his illustrations they instantly grabbed my attention since I found them very strange. I contacted him by email and spoke to him regarding his thoughts and future plans.

According to Mo his illustrations come from the core of his personality, it’s who he truly is without the filters of ego and peer pressures. He’s also excited about coming back to Kuwait after he graduates since he feels there is a lot of potential now more than ever for Kuwait to generate culture on its own.

A lot of culture in Kuwait is homogenized, it comes from the West for the most part. There is the traditional Kuwaiti culture, but that is really just a backdrop being humored for the popular culture, the influx of movies and other entertainment is where the interest of younger and even older generations truly lie. People today have the wonderful luxury of taking in media from around the world, and I think some of the talented and passionate people in Kuwait today are digesting influences from both Western and Eastern creators into their subconscious minds. Something that has popped up in the GCC area has been the advent of interesting and funny animated programs, not to mention the lauded 99 comic book series. I believe that I can help contribute to this newly generating culture, and offer something different than the humor of the animated series and the super-hero stories of the 99.

He’s got a bunch of his illustrations up on his blog which you can check by clicking [Here]

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  1. N19 says:

    I hope Mo, the 99, and all Kuwaiti projects blossom and inspire a new movement of innovation and entrepreneurship in Kuwait. Something this country desperately needs.

  2. Patrick says:

    Those are some awesome illustrations.

  3. Mohammad Islambouli says:

    I used to go to the American International School with him. He was two years my senior. I saw some of his art back then, and i really liked them. Glad to see he is getting some attention!

  4. 1805 says:

    there is also another amazing kuwait illustrator 23 year old Ms. Sarah Al Farhan. Also a graduate from Uarts Philadelphia and currently continuing masters at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her work is absolutely stunning. She Worked with many local philadelphia artists and spent some time at Ringling in Florida. check out her work:

    Sarah and Mo… You guys are true talent. Best of luck

  5. RealisticT says:

    Great work.. trippy and vivid. But honestly, what he wrote makes him seem like and acid head. If by that he wants to bring the LSD scene to Kuwait.. goodluck

    • Nasser says:

      He’s my cousin, and he’s not like that.

    • Hamad AlMulaifi says:

      That is a very unfair and immature response from your behalf. This gentleman has finesse in his literature and in his art work. Not only is he my cousin but he is by far a true gentleman who is generous and giving in this sort of work; he takes us to places and opens up our imaginations.

      I highly ask you to have more fairness on how you judge people/atists. I do not believe you yourself are an artist nor do I believe your a literate ?

      Kind Regards

  6. aziz says:

    loved his work

  7. Abdullah says:

    plz is it possible to get his email?

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