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Modified Cars Event in Jahra

A reader passed by Sulayyel Mall in Jahra this weekend for the D.U.B. modified cars event that was held there. He took a bunch of photos and uploaded them to his flickr account which you can check [Here]

Thanks Ahmed

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Yeah make fun of them , up to the point where they modify a patrol , z or even a hilux to beat a lambo , m5 , f360

Videos are on utube

yeah to make them that powerful, you need to spend as much money on upgrades as buying a fast car to begin with or even MORE. It’s fun to do for the wow factor but kinda dumb if your taking it seriously.

You’re talking about a totally different car scene here. Those who race patrols, hilux’s and other (mostly JDM) cars are turbo’d and pack a lot of power. It takes a lot of knowledge to swap engines/ECUs, install turbo’s and all other related items.
These bunch on the other hand are supposedly show cars that just look plain fugly (with the exception of the RB26 280ZX, Supra and R32, which is why I singled them out).

3thman int ily bil tha7ya qit3a 3 just wondering ……

Most of these guys come from families not doing as well as us , ( only one newish bmw in the show , when we have one bmws are not even accepted :P). So wat they do with their hilux camry z maxima … Is far more better looking then what i see in kc. With little money they do much better than us with the same amount FACT

Nope not me 😉

I don’t know about you but I’d rather drive a stock civic than a rice burner with neon lights and cheap ebay “wings”. I understand that some of them might not have the $$ to properly mod a car, but not all mods are expensive, especially for Hondas, Toyotas, etc.

The cars are so crap lol very fitting for Jahra. The BMW M5 is probably the only decent one and that’s because it just has a crazy paintjob and doesn’t look like he ruined the interior or engine. At least I hope so.

The only cars worth looking at are the Skyline R32, Supra (even tho this one looks like crap) and the RB26 powered 280ZX.
Everything else is complete junk.

and FYI, that’s a regular 5 series with a junk widebody.

See part from their background, wat theyr doin is counted as creativeness.. U ppls comments r mean ur leaking racism into everything.. I bet u all watched pimp my ride “the transformation of shitty crappy cars worst than those 3agad ones” and then whaaaat u guys become so amazed and then u start complimenting them..but those nooo they’r so halaga and 3agad..racism just took over ur brains.. Hah what will make it worst and funny at the same time that u guys want in the same time of being racist u want peace and equality too…god damnit straighten ur brains ppl sheesh…!

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