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Mr Babu is a website that belongs to a friend of mine and I think it’s an interesting idea that should make shopping much easier for a lot of people. It’s an online shop but the way it works is different from other local online shops. Mr Babu is connected to a bunch of international online shopping databases and when you search for an item on their website it will find it for you, convert the price to Kuwaiti Dinars, add a shipping fee to Kuwait and then displays the price. You then place an order and they’ll get it for you. The price you see on their website is the price you pay for the item including shipping to Kuwait. There are no extra hidden shipping costs or anything of the sort.

I ordered the Bug-A-Salt (video above) from their website and since they had some local stock it was delivered to me the next businesses day. Most items though will take a week or more similar to when ordering using Shop & Ship or Borderlinx. The website is still in beta so it’s running a little slow but other than that its working fine. You can check it out [Here]

Update: In case the website isn’t working here is an explanation from Mr Babu:

We are overwhelmed by the traffic generated by your post which caused our site to crash (as you mentioned being in Beta stage we learn a thing everyday). Our team is working on the issue and will resolve it very soon. Thank you for using Mrbabu

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  1. n19 says:

    Found out about it two days ago! Seems it’s better to order in bulk

  2. MrBabu says:

    Mark hope you enjoy eradicating those pesky houseflies. We are overwhelmed by the traffic generated by your post which caused our site to crash (as you mentioned being in Beta stage we learn a thing everyday). Our team is working on the issue and will resolve it very soon. Thank you for using Mrbabu

  3. Billu says:

    LOL nice name. Definitely want to try it out as soon as the issue is resolved.

  4. Hyde Park on Hudson says:

    Babu I gather would be Malayalee for Sir ?

    • Sunny says:

      Babu is just a NAME and not sir in malayalam…

      but in hindi Babu is mostly referred to government employees and bureaucrats

  5. khan says:

    Just checked the Nexus 4 for 180 KD!?! That is plane insane!

    • cajie says:

      That’s because it is being sold on Amazon for around $550 (8 GB Model) and $600 for 16 GB Model.

      • khan says:

        Casio 6900 – 200 USD = 56 KD, Babu selling for 103 KD.

        • cajie says:

          Searching Casio 6900 gives me 5 pages of results ranging between 20-50 KD. Not sure which product you are looking at. There are 2 models listed for 91 KD, but they retail for $269.

          • Khan says:

            CASIO G-Shock GB-6900AA-7JF Bluetooth Low Energy Watch Wireless White Brand New


            Just the first link i found since i am on my phone.

            • cajie says:

              That’s the one I wrote about. It’s $269 on Amazon, and 91 KD on Mr. Babu.
              Ebay should not be used as an indicator for pricing new items, since there are risks associated with purchasing from ebay sellers.

              • Khan says:

                Actually the retail price is 180 USD. Pay with paypall on ebay and you’re covered. Buy from top rated sellers and you’re safe.

                Just because an item is overpriced on Amazon doesn’t mean it should sell for the same price elsewhere.

                And please don’t make a monster out of Ebay. All you need is a brain to avoid being conned on ebay.

                • Mark says:

                  No idea what this item is but generally you can’t compare amazon or any other store pricing to prices on ebay. It has nothing to do with security or whatever.

                • cajie says:

                  For most NEW items, Amazon beats ebay on pricing.
                  Also if you checked the site, they seem to be doing real-time search on Amazon catalog, and pulling product details, reviews etc. to show on their site.
                  Which makes perfect business sense. You can rely on Amazon to provide consistent experience. Since Ebay is a bunch of different sellers, you cannot.

  6. Sumi says:

    Hey Mark

    hahahahaha at your a-salt rifle…very cool. The flies have been killing me this gross. I bought a couple of those sticky fly traps from ACE and they fill up fast!! My cat is also a fly killer too…lol…rofl Happy Hunting!

  7. med1st says:

    The website is so slow i thought there was something wrong with my internet.

  8. Rayboy says:

    so whatever is displayed on the site is delivered to us? i see airsoft and other things too.

  9. cajie says:

    Looks very promising.
    Their prices are only marginally higher than if I was to order the items myself from Amazon, and had them shipped via ShopandShip or Borderlinx. In fact, for smaller items, they would actually be much cheaper.
    Plus, with the option for payment on delivery, this is definitely a great concept.
    Wishing them all the best.
    I just placed an order for some Gitzo gear. Let’s see how it goes.

  10. Andy says:

    Incredibly slow and very frustrating to try and search for something.

    I hope they fix this soon or it will be a big waste of time.

  11. William says:

    The nikkor nikon 24-70mm 2.8 is like 100 kd more expensive than alghanim… insane

  12. Al-Marzouq says:

    The website is DEADLY SLOW… should have expected a massive attack on it if u had a mention here tbh…

  13. pickles says:

    couldn’t think of a more racist name?

  14. Brad says:

    Mr Babu , how much would you be selling a Sandisk 64GB microSD memory card for including shipping/delivery.. not able to access the cellphone/accessories of your page!

    • MrBabu says:

      Brad, we have SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra MicroSDXC Class 10 Memory Card with SD Adapter for KD 22.800 and SanDisk Ultra 64 GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card 30MB/s with Adapter for KD 22.400

      Price INCLUDES shipping, taxes and import duties.

      Please email us or visit our store for more details.

  15. Ashraf says:

    interesting concept…

    but it just keeps crashing crashing crashing & crashing… frustrating.

  16. Meshx86 says:

    Awsome !

    just ordered a bug a salt at 7:15 AM today, i just received it now !

    and its out of stock :P

  17. yousefq8 says:

    This is actually a pretty cool website idea. I’ll be using it a lot! Thanks!

  18. Rayboy says:

    i dont think this is slow, due to the response from 248am. thats BS. the site overall is fast, however, when you start searching for something, it starts going through all their APIs to connect to various DBs of their retailers. Now either that have a big indexing issue or that have poorly written queries. the concept is really good , but they need to seriously do a lot of work on their db queries. maybe invest into db caches and more.

  19. tjcfilms says:

    Whats Babu? I know Baba is dad…Still learning.

  20. ariston says:

    Mark, out of curiosity – how many visitors(more or less) did you sent on mrbabu’s site? =)

  21. praetorius says:

    a few items are quite reasonable. but a LOT are overpriced.

    Corsair Carbide Series Black 500R Mid Tower Computer Case (CC-9011012-WW) sells of 93.600KD, retails for 119.98 dollars online (33.152kd).

    EVEN if we factor in shipping costs and customs duties, it won’t be THAT high!

  22. Bo waleed says:

    Whats wrong with people now days? look at the Recently Purchased items… half of them knifes and swords.. now people buy weapons over :(

  23. canon 300mm 4.0 L IS USM says:

    Boss, need the canon L series 300mm 4.0 L, how much it will cost??

  24. John says:

    Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS USM Telephoto Lens for Canon SLR Cameras
    Mr. Babu price: KD666.670

    $1,349.00 ONLY

    its realy CRAZY PRICE!!!

  25. MrBabu says:

    Dear John,

    We are sorry that the prices you found were high.

    If you think the price is lower, you have the option to special order it using this link

    You will get a quote, when we receive your request.

  26. Tarek says:

    This site is over priced for thieves.
    – Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach 6″ Steel Toe Bootfor men in amazon = 127$
    I bought it for 32kd
    Mr.babu = 48kd??
    – Casio ED-550-1AVDF in amazon 140$
    I bought it from Casio itself in Souq AL-Kabeer for 35.750kd
    Mr.babu = 53.600kd??
    – PS2 console system with one controler,no memory in Mr.babu for 33kd??
    I will buy it for 40kd with 2 contorlers & 1 memory card with 10 games for 40 kd in Rihab complex through my friend.
    – GTA Collection for PS2 (GTA III,San Andreas,Vice City) in amazon = 29$
    One of my friend will buy it original for 9kd.
    Mr.babu = 14kd??
    This site is over rated for the prices i saw,i used to know a Kuwaiti guy who can get me these things for less the price of all,dont know were he is.

    • Mark says:

      Not everything is going to be cheaper. Obviously if an item in Kuwait costs the same as the States then it’s going to cost more if you buy it from the states since you need to pay taxes and shipping. It’s like buying a stick of glue from amazon. Costs 100fils in Kuwait but will cost your around 5KD if you order it from Amazon. Doesn’t mean Amazon is more expensive…

      • Tarek says:

        I used to know i kuwaiti guy who can buy me stuff from amazon or ebay for less than what Mrbabu charge,i’m real disappointed in what i saw with prices like these.
        Cause i heard from people here & people i know that Mrbabu is nothing but an over priced site who charge more than any normal guys who deals with amazon or ebay in Kuwait.

    • MrBabu says:

      Tarek thank you for your feedback and we are extremely happy that you decided to change your mind and actually buy the Timberland’s, PS2 console, and Casio watch among other items from our site. Yes many of our customers take a direct price comparison of Amazon $ to our KD price and think our prices are exaggerated, but once they add up tax, shipping, and customs they realize how reasonable our prices are. Again thanks for your comment.

      • Tarek says:

        I’m not going to buy anything from you.
        Cause i did buy it already with the price i found,yet Casio showroom employees told me that i’m Nuts if i bought the watch with the price you cahrge from amazon or ebay.
        So all the things i ordered cancel it,cause my money is low & even if i hve money,i’d rather buy those stuff i oorder from you with an average price.

        • MrBabu says:

          Tarek MrBabu is all about customer service we work day and night to offer you the best shopping experience. We will call you and resolve any misconception you might have.

    • Tarek says:

      I didnt say thieves,i mean to say: “This site is over priced for these:”

  27. Fernzy says:

    Hey all I’m looking for an Alienware M14x that’s available in Kuwait My specifications for the system are an Intel i7 2.4GHz processor, 16GB RAM, 750GB HDD, 2GB Nvidia Graphic card with Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate built in

  28. Sarah says:

    Is it true they take 50 kd per every cosmetic item you order ? so if i buy something worth 10 theyre going to show up at my door asking for 60? i thought “the price you see is the price you get” ?

  29. Rendel says:

    I have ordered a lot of stuff from Mr.Babu…. But some of them are delayed. But for me the Price is justifiable… Hope you give us some promo codes

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