The Challenge Race

Post by Mark

It’s going to take place on January 26 and be a mixture of a trail run, off-road cycling and and an obstacle course. You can sign up individually or a team (max 3) but you should be part of a gym since this competition is going to be a challenge between local clubs. I’m signing up to this for sure since it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. They told me there will be mud!

If you want to sign up you can call the following number: 65778598

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  1. Rakan says:

    have to be part of a gym? seriously what about people who just like to keep fit ‘outdoor’ style not allowed? seems kinda silly to me.

  2. Hello Mark,

    Thank you for posting about TNF Challenge race. I would like to give a quick brief about the race.

    The North Face Challenge is more than a race. It’s an extraordinary challenge which allows you to test and exceed your limits, both physically and mentally.

    We designed a race course that will allow all individuals to cross the finish line. The race will be achievable yet challenging to all levels.

    The most exciting thing is that the details of the race course will be announced on the race day!

    Event Date: January 26, 2013
    Registration fees: 90 KD per team or 45KD per individual (must be part of a GYM/health club)
    Total Participants: 50 athletes

    Disciplines and Distances:
    Stage One: Trail Running Approx 6km – 9km
    Stage two: Mountain Biking Approx 25km – 35km
    Stage three: Strength obstacles
    Stage four: Trail Running Approx 6km – 8km

    If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 65778598.

    Good Luck!

    Ahmed Almajed
    TNFC Race Director

    Pro-vision Sports Management

  3. Hello Marius,

    No it doesn’t mater! All clubs are welcome.

    You need to attach a copy of your membership with the application.

    Please send us your email at

    I will forward you the application form.


  4. Good morning Khalid,

    No, you must be part of a GYM/health club.

    • Khalid says:

      Is there no way I can join without joining a gym? I spend hours a week in school and am fit because of that, I don’t see why a gym membership is needed?

  5. Nixon says:

    i like the idea, but i think its redundant that you must be part of a gym/health club. many people are extremely fit on their own.
    But it will be interesting to see which club is the winner…

  6. Hello says:

    Sounds interesting

  7. cajie says:

    I guess Mark got his New Year’s wish.

    But yeah..I don’t see the whole thing about “being part of a gym” thing either.

  8. John says:

    Same day as the Dubai marathon. And not much notice for a difficult race.

    I’m not eligible anyway. I don’t belong to a gym, I’m just a triathlete.

  9. Faisal says:

    Will mountain bikes be provided?

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