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How much do instagrammers get paid?


Ever been curious to know how much local instagrammers get paid to post adverts on their accounts? Well then here are a few of the most popular ones and how much they charge per post:

@7amadqalam (323,250 followers) KD400
@abdullahboftain (75,180 followers) KD450
@ahmad_asb (134,700 followers) KD450
@alimubarak1 (68,152 followers) KD450
@ameralshaibani (204,455 followers) KD450
@ascia_akf (1,005,559 followers) KD850
@azizbader (497,708 followers) KD850
@basharnoo (342,316 followers) KD400
@batoul_alkandari (224,233 followers) KD450
@bb_alabdulmohsen (59,123 followers) KD350
@dalalid (866,687 followers) KD850
@daneeda_t (358,396 followers) KD450
@dr_shammat (887,156 followers) KD750
@elham_alfedhalah74 (1,758,795 followers) KD900
@faisalalbasri (474,132 followers) KD850
@fawaz_alfahad (111,874 followers) KD400
@groupwanasah_ (444,647 followers) KD350
@hayaalshuaibi_79 (814,972 followers) KD700
@kaftanusman (516,835 followers) KD500
@nohastyleicon (811,541 followers) KD850
@omaralothman (92,482 followers) KD500
@thedietninja (351,952 followers) KD550
@therealfouz (216,096 followers) KD500
@theveeview (631,973 followers) KD500
@yousif_alblooshi (171,520 followers) KD350
@ygolsharifi (238,247 followers) KD450
@zori_ashkanani (327,100 followers) KD400

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Faisal albasri actually does mention each post he gets paid for.
Every paid add has a star next to it which means he is getting paid for it.
When he started the advertisement posts he posted a video saying every post with a star next to it he is getting paid for it.

Well it’s not only about how many followers you have, its more about how ACTIVE are your followers are.
Some accounts have 500,000 followers but whenever they post something they barely get 500 likes and barely a 100 comments, where as some accounts have less followers but with each post they get thousands of comments and likes.

How do you start to get paid with IG? Is it through Google Adsense or other agencies? Can any public account do it? Or does it have to be an acc that’s used just for ads?

you build a following and create a brand for yourself and then you’ll either get approached by companies to advertise with you or you if you’re lucky you get picked up by one of the local digital agencies who will help market you.

Genuine bloggers don’t post advertising that masquerades as actual content. They’re paid for ads which are clearly defined, like you see in the right hand side of Mark’s blog.

So the question, if you feel like asking one, should be: “How much does your banner space cost?”

Doing some math here… take the least paid 350 KD, say an ad post every other day of the month. 350*15=5,250 KD. Lol this is too funny. Doctor who? Eng. who?

I’m guessing the average Doctor makes more than the average Blogger. Just like you have a Blogger that might make 5k a month, you’ll have doctors that make that in a couple of days.

Also your math is off

Some doctors might even make 5k in one day. That is not my point. What I’m saying is those instagramers are making a lot, hence I said take the least paid. Doctors study medicine for 7 to 9 years if not more and save lives, this justifies the money they make. Then you have some girls making that kind of money because they are *fashionistas* and guys because they have a sense of humor and so on. With the click of a button, these youngsters are making what a person their age with an college degree would make in a month of waking up every morning to work. No, this cannot be called entrepreneurship. It might come off like Im hating, but I’m not. Good for them, Really. it just makes me wonder what a messed up and harsh place this world is.

Mark has been doing this for more than 10 years. It’s justifiable for him to get paid that much after putting an effort into this for so many years.

I never mentioned or targeted Mark. Mark has the blog running for a long time now, and he is a hard worker that devotes his time through the day trying to find good content for his blog. Also making money monthly through the limited Ad spaces on his blog, which is great. Im talking about those instagramers that made it overnight, with unlimited Ad possibilities that can be posted one after the other daily.

Who are these people, I admit I do follow ascia, I don’t know why but I do. Most of the ‘fashion bloggers’ are clones, same ideas and products, not much sets them apart. I would rather follow IG accounts showing cars, that’s what my dreams are made of.

Apart from some actors and real celebrities, most of thsoe in the list are friends. Most of them worked or still working in telecommunication companies that support them in what they’re doing. Some of them recently quit their jobs and established their own business entities to be able to sign contracts with sponsors and make the money coming into their bank accounts justifiable.

Oh man your so right crazy in kuwait !! who are these people and why are they so popular! what have they actually done that’s so great or deserve such a big following? The fashion bloggers are clones and don’t have much substance, i do enjoy their funny poses though – especially the “just took a step, have to fart” pose.
I’m not sure, but it also looks like they buy followers. This one time, by chance, I opened instagram and 7amadqalam had just posted something like 3s ago and already had over 300 likes?? is it possible that so many people are on the edge of their seats waiting for a mediocre post. I’m dumb but i’m not stupid!

You don’t have to invent the wheel to become popular, there are a ton of celebrities out there (Kim, Paris, Lohan etc.) that don’t do really anything but people find them interesting to follow. It’s the same in Kuwait although at a smaller scale and there isn’t anything wrong in that.

Instagram is THE place to advertise for your business here in Kuwait. Celebrity instagrammers are mistakenly called Bloggers. How can you trust a restaurant reviewer who gets paid by the same restaurant 400 KD for a post?

That @therealfouz girl, is so damn attractive from the side but not very much from the front. I don’t get it! its like two completely different people!

Anyway, on average she’s still good looking ;/

Haha whatever man. Most of these and many other “trendy” instagram accounts post nothing but vapid fluff. Selfies with some “profound” caption that has nothing to do with the picture at all. Stupid food shots that are obviously paid for my places. It reminds me of when that celebritard Kardashian was here and posted about a dentist who obviously paid “thank goodness so and so was here to clean my teeth”. If someone has interesting content or is charismatic sure let me check them out. Do they warrant this much money per a single post? Fuck no. Don’t get me wrong my instagram is standard shit and wouldn’t rate 40kd a post lol but at least I’m doing it because I enjoy it and try to keep it interesting. And none of my followers are paid for unlike so many others.

Took the words right out of my mouth TJC! I don’t see any reason why they’re popular – nothing special about them – and YES Mark, your’e absolutely right that there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing. But there is something wrong with the people that follow them, like, imitate and admire them. You want some people that have substance, something to say, make contributions? then follow TJC or Monstariam or Lana Al Rasheed , etc. These are the people who represent something worth it and help make a difference. No hidden costs involved!

this is really crazy, but not from the instagrammers, it is from the client it self ,, who paid this much for a single post, while he starts giving exudes for the same amour with a long period campaign.

I can’t even begin to figure instagram out, but I’m still amused at the number of people who are so mad that people who are not them enjoy something they do not that they’ll comment in a blog comment section about it, while still believing they’re in a position to judge others for “wasting time” or “being shallow.”

Face it – nobody wants to be serious 100% of the time. That’s why you’re here, and I’m betting that’s why people follow these bloggers. I can just see some of you entering the comment section of youtube to argue over whether or not that commenter is a “real fan” and if the band sold out by trying to sell music.

If only they know they can get money for more with Vine & Instagram video doing commercial video for multinational brands. International brands are willing to pay for US$ 3000 – US$ 4000 per video to talented & creative users. I’m in Kuwait & got hired by a New York agency, paid $7000 per Vine & do some brands like Samsung, Ford, ESPN, Disney etc.

If you’re good at making short video on Vine or Instagram video, let me know. Some US advertising agencies are looking for more middle east social video artists, especially in Kuwait.

i think you need to update the prices.. they are charging WAAAAAY MUCH MORE NOW!!!! I wish this whole issue of influencers would fade some day (hopefully soon)

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