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My Vintage Gaming Collection

I was reading Puss-In-Boots blog and she said she loves to collect rare stuff. But she didn’t say what stuff she collected. I know Nibaq likes to collect toy figurines, but what else does everyone collect? I personally collect 2 things. Wired Magazines (I have every issue since 5.01 and my oldest is 3.12), and also videogame systems. So since today is cleaning Firday, I decided to take out and shoot all my systems and then wipe the dust off before I put them back into the cabinets. Below is a list of all the systems I currently own and they link to their pictures.

Atari Jaguar
Atari Lynx
Coleco Vision
Commodore 64
Commodore VIC 20
Dingoo A320
Game & Watch – Chef
Game & Watch – Donkey Kong Jr.
Game & Watch – Mario Bros.
Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Xbox 360
MSX2 (Sakhr)
Nintendo 64
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo Gameboy SP
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Wii
Panasonic 3DO
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Gamegear
Sony Playstation 1
Sony Playstation 2
Sony Playstation 3
Sony PSP
Speak & Spell
Super Nintendo
Super Simon

I still have a couple of systems I would like to own, mainly a Nintendo Virtual Boy, a Sega Nomad and a Sega Saturn.

Before I got married and moved into my own apartment, I didn’t have any room to display the stuff in my old room so I had them all under my bed. Now though since I have my own place I have them all displayed in my cabinet (1,2) with the boxes and some accessories in the drawers and closests (1,2,3,4).

So what do you guys collect?

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i never got the chance to really think about that, i never settled in one country in my life, and not having a stable place does not encourage you to become a collector of suff i guess!i had a great collection of classic DVD’s but they are not complete any more cos i had fire in my room once and since then they disappeared..

I collect DVD.
I used to have most video game system but after the system get old i throw it or give it to anyone want it (3do),
last old video game system i keept is super nintendo with maybe 50 games but i lost it after we move out.
But now i have 2 non working ps2 ,
game cube , nintendo ds and X box

i didnt like the Nintendo DS. I hate the idea of the double screen and I there arent any cool games on it now. Plus compared to the PSP it looks ugly, cheap and old 🙂 I hope we get our PSPs soon I cant wait.

video game systems i just started to care bout them when i was 10 i usualy throw discs when i got board but know eveything i own is still working fine i own a psp,psp3000,ds,ds lite,xbox360,wii,ps2 ,ps3,gameboy colour thts ma collection im a 1995 i dont own vintage systems =[ but im buying a psone to make it a portable ps one 😀

Nice MSX you got there. I used to have the other white model. Been looking for someone selling their old Sakhr for ages now. So if anyone’s reading this & willing to sell theirs & ship it to Germany, please let me know.

I live in Europe now, so no Friday markets. I can probably find whatever version of MSX they used to have here, but I’m looking for the Sakhr.

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