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How Much Do You Tip?

How much do people tip in general here? I know in the States people generally go by the 15% rule. Here I usually give a tip of around 10%. If the bill is over 5KD but under 10KD I would tip 1/2 a dinar. If the bill is between 10KD and 30KD, I would tip between 1 to 2KD. If the waiter is Lebanese I double the tip. If I know the waiter for many years like at Ceasers where I have been visiting for over 20 years, then the tip is usually 2KD for a 10KD bill. The reason I don’t go with the 15% rule is because 10% is easier to calculate. How much do you tip?

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Hmm. Well first of all you have to check if there is a service charge. In any case, the service charge is basically a tip..Now if there isn’t one, I usually tip to the quality of the service. It all depends..It can go from nothing to 25%..but never past that cause then you might as well have told him to eat with you and then paid for his tab. I like tipping the guys at the shwarma joints and restaurants like that..I think they’re the people that most deserve it.

i ignore the service charges. i dont know how they work, i dont know when the waiter will get the money and if its split up between everyone else etc.. i always leave a tip even if there is a service charge just because money today for the waiter is better then money tomorrow.

my tip never goes below 2 pounds (1 KD), and always when my bill is say 10.75 for example, i’d give 1.25 in order to get rid of the tenth “factor” in my credit card bill.. i have an issue with pennies and pences as tenths specially when they do the X.99 thing,,,, i hate seeing that on my bill, bugger

Well in america .. I give them round number, 1/2/3/4 $. Most places here, they get their tips at the end. I dont want them collecting pennies at the end of the night so my end number can be nice and round.

Mark, thanx for adding ignorance and racism to this world. Why would u double the tip only if the waiter is Lebanese!!! What makes better than Filipinos or Indians or any other race on this planet. What a f@*ken idiot

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