New Apple Store: ZMacShop

Post by Mark

A new Apple stored has recently opened up in Hawalli called ZMacShop. Its located in the basement of Al-Walla Complex, shop number 116. The store stocks regular iPods, iPod mini’s, shuffles, U2 Editions, mighty mice, shit loads of ipod covers, genuine and various ipod accessories, mac minis of various specs, iMacs and ibooks. Soon they will be getting iPod nano’s also.

Their prices are a bit cheaper then other Apple stores, here are some examples of their prices:

Shuffle 512 – KD37
Shuffle 1GB – KD55
iPod Mini 4GB – KD70
iPod Mini 6GB – KD76 KD86
Mac Mini 1.25Ghz/40Gb – KD180
Mac Mini 1.42Ghz/80Gb – KD210
Mac Mini 1.42Ghz/80Gb with SuperDrive and bluetooth – KD266
iBook G4 14″ – KD560

For more information you can call them after 5PM on 2617575.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Actually they are the best prices currently available in Kuwait. I mean only nonreasonable thing would be that the 4gb and 6gb have only 6kd separating the price hehehe btw I placed the order on my Engraved nano :D I figured buying on impulse might make up for any fault that might occur hehe.

  2. Mark says:

    yeah i saw the offer on the apple website, its VERY tempting, i am just waiting for the announcement of the new regular ipod to finalize my decision on what to get.

    what did u end up engraving by the way? i couldnt figure out what i wanted to say..

  3. Tata Botata says:

    How much was the Mighy Mouse?

  4. That was a typo on my part (I gave Mark the price list). It’s 86KD for the 6GB mini. My bad.

  5. Jackie says:

    LOL Okay now that’s a huge difference, anyways I engraved on mine:

    La Donna Del Diavolo

    Hehehe in other words The Devil’s Woman :P

  6. fais says:

    The best way to buy apple product is thro

  7. Moon says:

    Hii, Woow comments from 2005 that’s a loooooong time!!!! I wonder if anyone is actually going to reply to me and if the owner of the website still uses it?! By the way wanted to ask is the Z mac shop still in business??

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