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Jazeera Airways – My Experience


Jazeera Airways seems to be all the buzz lately, I was a great fan of Kuwait Airways but it seems lately they have turned into trash (last time I used them was 4 years ago). So me and Nat were planning our trip to Lebanon on Christmas and I decided to give Jazeera Airways a shot, I was impressed.

I went to the Jazeera Airways website to check out the prices and stuff when I noticed a button to Book a flight. I clicked on it out of curiosity and started filling up some forms. 10 minutes later I had purchased two, two-way tickets to Lebanon. The whole process felt like I was ordering movie tickets online, it was too easy. The coolest part about the whole thing was I was actually able to book my seats on my flight to Lebanon and on my flight back to Kuwait. No one else had purchased or booked tickets for the two flights I was on so the whole plane was empty and I was able to get 2 seats on row 10 for the trip going and coming. When I was done paying for the tickets I received an email with all the details about my flight, my reservation number and my invoice, its like shopping on Amazon.

The booking and paying online, plus the fact I could reserve my seats ahead of time had already impressed me, but the biggest seller was the price. Two, two-way tickets to Lebanon cost only KD164 (with taxes and everything) during peak season. Kuwait Airways or Middle East Airlines would have cost around KD135 per ticket and they wouldn’t have allowed me to reserve my in flight seats ahead of time. So thats a total saving of over KD100 which I could now spend on 600 bottles of beer or 4 bottles of Jack Daniels at B018.

The only downside to Jazeera is that if you want to eat on the plane you have to pay for it. They serve cold sandwiches and drinks but they are not free which I don’t really think is a big problem anyway. For those of you who want to travel in style and not economy, for an extra KD26 per ticket per one way you can sit in first class. That would put the price similar to the Kuwait Airways or MEA regular economy ticket price though.

Finally, I called them up a few times on the phone (177) for details and info and the people I spoke to were very friendly and polite which made me feel more comfortable. Now the only thing left is to fly with them, my flight is in December so I will review it when I come back.

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my trip is in december but i am sure some other blogger might travel with jazeera before me. how about you go to bahrain for a day? its like KD20 going and coming.

If they have calculated their operating costs properly then they are really going to steal buisiness from mainstream national carriers. The interesting factor in this situation is the cost of fuel. Im no expert in aviation, but im sure fuel costs and landing taxes are miniscule in comparison to those outside of the middle east.

Just from eyeballing their prices, i think theyre still making huge margins! Easyjet or Ryanair in the UK will fly you to Europe for 10kd one way!! and they have huge fixed costs to cover together with obscene fuel costs.


Hehehe i used to hate the ppl who brought fast food onto the plane, stinks the whole place out and makes you feel starved given the bird feed that the airline presents you with.


From the UK to Europe, hehe they dont fly outside of Europe yet. Not anywhere either, certain desitinations.

The way alot of these low cost carriers in Europe work is that they will fly you to peripheral airports, not London Heathrow, or Gatwick, but maybe Stanstead or London City airport etc… thats how they also keep their fixed costs down as it costs shitloads to obtain landing slots at Heathrow or any of the major hubs.

Easyjet serve alcohol, i doubt Al Jazeera will… just BYO

Try Air Arabia. I use it quite often. Cost of Ticket Kuwait-Lebanon is KD 28 oneway. Currently they are on winter sale with Kuwait-Sharjah KD 12 and other destinations like Luxor, Damascus, Nagpur, Alexandria, Colombo Sharjah is 15 minutes drive to Dubai.
They have around 20 destinations already. Now thats a bargain !!

Thats not really a bargain. jazeera is only KD2 more expensive then Air Arabia plus its a direct flight to Lebanon. Air Arabia you have to stop at sharjah first which means your 2 hour flight turns to a 5 hour one. I would rather pay KD2 extra then to spend an extra 3 hours on the plane. all of jazeera flights are direct btw unlike air arabia.

Sharjah return is KD 46 return vs Jazeera KD 66 . You take three peoples family that is saving of KD 60 for a family. I dont think Jazeera is low cost any ways besides that fact it takes 1 hour to get out of Dubai airport than 10 minues from Sharjah Airport and during EID their prices are more than Kuwait Airways

Even Kuwait Airways is better than Jazeera where price is concerned for period 5NOV-5DEC where thay have 50% discount.

However for a lot of people i know Air Arabia has been offering low prices round the year . That is commitment for affordable travel


I flew Air Arabia once, and sorry to burst your bubble, Sharjah Airport is not a 10-minute airport. It took me 1.30 minutes to leave the airport and I am a GCC citizen. The airport is tiny, congested, with few immigration officers, and ONE baggage belt!!

I see no reason why I should fly to Sharjah, go through that experience again (which was horrible), and get in a cab for 30 minutes (no rush hour), only to get to Dubai.

Any airline flying direct Kuwait to Dubai is better than Air Arabia’s sharjah landing.

curse on saa management…staying in this company is a big hell!!! thats why we call it sharjah hellport!!! its a big bull shit…

as ive said earlier..just want to advice to those people who wants to apply to this god..think a hundred times before u apply…just to give u an exmaple…when u apply you must pay for you visa and for medical as well which is not fair..i mean if u were going to hire..ofcourse the company should provide the expenses like this which is mandatory….staff at work…do u know that, the staff here at the passenger service department are working 6 days a week…9 to 10 hrs a day?!!! and they are only giving low salary?!! and they also the roster for stay back time..1-2hrs minimum..the hell!!! if u came from a 10 hrs nyt duty??? do u think its fun to be here??? due to increase fruency of air arabia and other airlines…small number of staff cannot accomodate all of this and some of them cant hardly get thier breaks…and come to think about the over time pay they are giving??? about 40 aed dhs a month!!! yuck!! and when it comes to applying for a leave..most of it they rejected unless one of your family member died!!! it means someone from ur loveones must die first before they allow you to go…and do u know that the manager of this department is very unprofessional!!! my god!! good thing im freed from this hellport!! my god curse those people behind this sufferings!!! madam N—A, i think u must resign, and go to school, or ask professional help to train you…i think ur brainless!!

l-y-a…stay away from bulling the staff…stay away from giving commands!! just stay on ur office w/ ur madame…ur not good as a supervisor!!…

I had the same feeling about them and liked the level of serves provided but after three years of this post I have to say that it’s turned into trash and going down. And to prove that try calling them on 177 or 22248940 so called call center. Or find a staff those smiles at you.
I was so happy to know that they offer cargo serves so I contacted the cargo personal and asked him to send me the shipping cost for my bike to Turkey. That was on 16 jun 09 and till today No reply. I guess the company doesn’t care about us any more or getting qualified staff.

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