New thingies (poles?)

Post by Mark

They’re installing these new thingies (forgot what they’re called) around my office block in Kuwait City. Someone must have seen them in Europe and thought oh these would look great in Kuwait lets get some. They don’t, they look weird and out of place and I think they’re going to install them all over Kuwait City. Would be interested in what re:kuwait have to say about this.

Update: re:kuwait has commented on these bollards you can check his post [Here]

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  1. baddunk says:

    they probably put them to block people from parking on the side walk… since they never had a proper option to stop side walk parking…

    cops are incompetent

  2. Mark says:

    I don’t think thats the reason because the cops are pretty active in the area here and give lots of tickets and wheel locks. Also have never seen anyone park on the sidewalk in this area. I think they’re installing this for beautification and probably pedestrian safety.

    Near my house in Salmiya all the old black and yellow poles were removed for some reason, just ripped from the ground and kept on the side of the road. Now everyone is parking on the sidewalks. I should take a picture, the sidewalk between my building and the one next door has become like a parking lot.

  3. hh says:

    bollards. over the past few years, someone’s been selecting some pretty awful street furniture for the city, including granite blocks for the flooring and pseudo victorian wooden benches and gazebos and cast iron street lamps… and the wooden benches in the summer don’t really let anyone sit down. You should choose the appropriate street furniture for the user, and not the artificial image of the city.

  4. Mark says:

    The nicest street furniture are the old blue curvy shaped bus stops. Now they’re being replaced by the ugly metal beige colored soulless pieces of crap ones.

  5. Desert Girl says:

    Pretty bollards. Phucked up streets. In 2 months time, the bollards will be in need of repair.

    I’m guessing a big contract for someone – maybe the same people who put in all the unnecessary curbs.. and then painted them…. Cha CHING

  6. zaydoun says:

    Whenever something totally unnecessary and unsuitable is implemented in this country… one must investigate who the agent/seller/distributor is and how he/she/they are connected with whoever in the Baladiya

    That’s how things work here

  7. Sentimental says:

    ee walla cha-ching! Theft, in our pitiful Kuwaiti Arab way.

    Tell me why we have bricked crossroads in Kuwait, and I’ll tell you why they’re installing these bollards.

  8. Realist says:

    Baladiya doing it’s hocus pocus. I think its the only place that is recession proof. You can always make money out there.

  9. pinkdress says:

    those in charge have ran out of ideas for spending the country’s money… i suggest they drive around kuwait to find what needs fixing first…

  10. Les says:

    I’m going for a walk there to feel like I’m walking in Europe

  11. bu ziad says:

    there better than the ugly artificial palm trees with uglier lights that were put up all over kuwait a couple of years ago.. so look on the bright side, there is improvement in the officials’ taste :P

  12. Mark says:

    lol i have to completely agree with that

  13. Latino Amreeke says:

    Those artificial palm trees are usually nothing more than (barely) disguised cell phone towers, if those are the ones you’re talking about. They have a few of them at the Hilton I see all the time when driving by. They have a lot of them in the states… I guess they don’t want to piss off the birds.

  14. ariston says:

    Seen exactly like this along Muthanna Complex..

    Weird… they are installing polls(bollards) and on the other place they keep on cutting trees… in the name of beautification. :(

  15. Sfsa78 says:

    Bollards….. Introduced to you Bu the same people who brought those ugly fake plastic palm trees with light all over them at every traffic light about five years ago.

  16. Mathai says:

    yet another eye sore in our cities in the name of ‘beautification’ :P

  17. TanGo says:

    those cannot be for prohibiting cars to park on the sidewalk… I’ve lived in Muthanna for the past 17 years and the only time cars parked on the sidewalks was to pick up or download furniture to Muthanna… keep in mind this could easily be done from the street, a few feet away, which DOES have enough indent for temporary parking..

  18. zaydoun says:


  19. sfsa78 says:

    zaydoun… looool

  20. Hikari says:

    Am I imagining things or have they not removed them now? These people can never make up their minds.

  21. Mark says:

    wow you’re right. Just took pictures

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