Nine Eagles Solo Helicopter

Post by Mark

Since I have a long weekend I decided to pass by Extreme Hobby and pick up a small indoor helicopter. I played with it in their store a while back and since then it’s always been on my mind. Unlike the crappy toy helicopters you find at regular toy stores, this is a proper tiny hobby grade helicopter. It comes with a 4-channel 2.4Ghz digital transmitter with four AA batteries for it, the actual micro helicopter and a 1-cell LiPo battery.

The helicopter is very tiny which makes it perfect for flying around in the living room. Helicopters in general are difficult to fly and so this micro helicopter for me is a good way to get into them. As a beginner its a bit mind numbing still trying to fly this thing around. The left stick on the transmitter controls the throttle and the direction the helicopter is facing. The right stick controls the flight direction, front back left and right. You charge the helicopters battery in the actual receiver, there is a slot in the back where you can insert the LiPo battery and it takes around 5 minutes to fully charge it. You can then fly the helicopter for around 8 minutes. Because its a hobby grade helicopter Extreme Hobby carry all the spare parts for it so if you need another battery or if you break something you can get a replacement part.


As I mentioned above I’m a beginner so I am pretty crap at flying it still. But if you want to see the helicopter in action there are a ton of videos on YouTube. The one above is my favorite since the guy is pretty good. The cost of the helicopter is KD26 and it comes with everything you need to get it up and running. It costs KD29 on Amazon so its cheaper in Kuwait. They only had around 4 more helicopters left so if you’re interested you can pass by them in Dajij. Their phone number is 24348123.

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  1. lilzoqi says:

    Happy new year Mark!

  2. Ramez says:

    And what about Geo?
    last time I bought the cheap one, Oscar was jumping like a crazy dog :) till he reached it and u can imagine the rest

  3. Mark says:

    I thought I would use it to chase geo around the house but instead he tries to catch it. I spent all night going geo no, leave it! Give me back my helicopter! Lol

  4. hi says:

    i got one of those helis 2 weeks ago…it’s a very balanced heli and i love flying it around. Trying to land on my brother’s head has been a major task for the past few days:P

  5. hi says:

    btw..the video is of the nine eagle pro…he had in his hand your heli but he flew something else…check it out

  6. Mark says:

    Hi: it’s the same, the chopper comes in 3 different colors and shapes.

  7. Alblogy says:

    I buy mini helicopter from carrefour for 2.900 KD!
    it look like this one :

    it not well balanced

    the first one did’t work! I return to carrefour and buy another mini helicopter.!
    this time it work but it eat the battery fast :(
    it need 6 battery to fly this helicopter and you charge it from remote control

  8. samy1st says:

    Annoying but definitely cool

  9. Mark says:

    hi: actually i take it back you’re right. I just got home and rewatched the video, it is a different model.

  10. majmajy says:

    hey mark :D my dad and I went to the shop today at 8 pm-ISH!! we bought two for 25 kd each ;P .. really cool btw but only problem is the battery finishes too quick.. hmm.. lets see if i can find a custom battery that will last longer :P ofc weight would be the main contributer in this case :/ thanx for the post…without it we wouldnt have bought them :D:D

  11. Mark says:

    hey, they sell extra batteries. I am considering getting one that way when I play with one the other is charging and that way I can play non stop for as long as i want and just swap batteries.

  12. majmajy says:

    awsome.. … *crazy eyes* maybe i should do that too… :P

  13. Mathai says:

    I went by that place a few weeks ago and a guy was flying/testing a gasoline engine chopper inside the mall, I think it was the owner of extreme hobby.

  14. Big-z says:

    I’m getting one :-)

  15. MJHAYAT says:

    oooo i had two of those, one with a double blade, i broke them both LOL

  16. dave says:

    Those type of helis can be bought in side 10 kd, with the same specs, what is so special about the ones you just bought.

  17. Mark says:

    You can also find micro helicopters for under KD5 from random toy stores and supermarkets. Its the same with radio controlled cars, you can get them for under KD10 and you can get them for over KD200.

  18. majmajy says:

    lol bought spare batteries for none stop flying action :) how bout u post a vid of u flying urs around and ill see bout posting a vid of my dad and i having helicopter fights XD~

  19. Roy Creiglow says:

    Just got my first micro copter this weekend, and havin a blast. BTW, I was in Q8 back in March of last year. My son and his wife are working there. I am having a blast with mine. Visit a few blogs on the little ones, as they are hard on motors if you fly them too long. The motors get hot and burn out if you continually fly them. Have fun :-) Roy

  20. jhed says:

    hi. i have also a nine eagle solo pro. 1st time to flight 1st time to use.. but still thumbs up.. so good very stable… you can imagine and feel you like you reached the sky.. or feeling the happiness our inside.. have a nice and good flight..

  21. Roy Creiglow says:

    I am now flying a NE Solo Pro II, and I love(single rotor version). It takes a little more concentration, but is still manageable by a first time flyer. Just reccieed my first electric airplane, and a new 7 channel radio, so will be building and flying that soon. Happy flying :-)


  22. SalehCoder says:

    TrueValue sells similar choppers with same size and 3.5 channel and well balanced for around 12KD I think. Heck it also has two missiles attached with it and you can launch each with a press of a button. It is also stylish and well built :)

    I’ve been doing those micro-chopper for 2 years now and I have several ones. I haven’t tested this exact model yet but I think it is way over priced. I love those home micro-choppers.

    Geant in 360 also sells a small chopper with a camera built-in. I didn’t buy it because it looks like it is cheap quality.

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