15 04, 2012

RC Racing at the chalet

2012-04-15T14:58:12+03:00Apr 15, 2012|10 Comments

Every Friday we race our radio controlled cars over at a friends chalet and last week one of the guys decided to mount a Contour camera on his car and shoot some video. I actually bought my contour camera for this specific reason but after buying it I never got the guts to do it. After watching this video thought it’s something I’m definitely going to attempt this weekend. [YouTube]

10 12, 2011

Racing in Bnaider

2011-12-10T12:28:05+03:00Dec 10, 2011|26 Comments

I was supposed to start off the weekend by riding out with the Desert Bike Club but couldn’t get myself to wake up at 6:30 in the morning for a 7:15 meetup. But I still managed to save the day by heading down to Bnaider. A friend of mine built an RC track at his chalet so I took two cars, my Tamiya FJ CR-01 crawler, and my Xray 808e buggy.


The video above should give you an idea about how fun these cars can be. Mine is the pink one that starts off strong and then falls behind.

I like this shot since it captures an interesting moment when 3 off us go airborne but each one heading off to a different direction.

These two aren’t RC cars but they’re still cool toys.

8 11, 2011

Video of my day at the track

2011-11-08T23:02:14+03:00Nov 8, 2011|9 Comments

XRAY 808E from Mark on Vimeo.

I wasn’t planning on shooting a video, it just came to me while playing on the track so I didn’t have a tripod or a second hand to help me out. It’s not a great video but it still should give you a rough idea of what it’s like to race an RC car around the track. For some odd reason my edit turned out to be just 35 seconds so I repeated the lap twice in the video (it actually takes over a minute to race around the track without mistakes). If this track doesn’t convince you to get a race buggy then I’m not sure what would.

8 11, 2011

The revamped off-road RC track

2011-11-08T18:13:24+03:00Nov 8, 2011|8 Comments

Earlier today I passed by the newly revamped Kuwait Science Club RC track near 360 Mall. I was the only one there so I managed to take the picture above of the track completely empty. It’s really huge and pretty difficult to race around at least for a newbie like me. There are some very cool jumps that had my car flying off the ground except the jumps usually ended with a sharp right turn so my car would end up flying off the course. Still lots of fun and I didn’t damage anything. I shot a video which I’ll try to post later tonight but for now you can check out a large panorama of the track by visiting this [Link]

27 10, 2011

RC Offroad Track Now Open

2011-10-27T14:59:53+03:00Oct 27, 2011|5 Comments

The new Kuwait Science Club offroad RC track just got completed and it looks incredible. I’m going to be out of the country this weekend so I’m only going to get to try it out next week. Only 1/8 scale truggies and buggies are allowed on the track which is located near the Kuwait Science Club behind 360 Mall. [Link]

18 10, 2011

The New RCCCK Track

2011-10-18T09:40:30+03:00Oct 18, 2011|15 Comments

The Radio Control Car Club of Kuwait track next to 360 Mall is one of the largest offroad tracks in the world and it’s currently getting a makeover in preparation for the new season.

They’re changing the layout and rebuilding the whole thing to make it even better than it was before. I can’t wait till it’s done so I could race my car there.

If you’re interested in becoming a member it’s just KD20 a year but you need to have a car and it needs to be 1/8 scale. The weather is becoming a lot better so if you’re interested in getting a car there are four shops I know of that sell the best 1/8 scale cars:

Extreme Hobby – 24348123
Pro Hobbies – 24313277 (where I got mine from)
Hobby Time – 24346744
Al Hamar – 22431989

You can check out more pictures of the track underconstruction on the RCCCK Facebook page [Here]

21 05, 2011

My XRAY 808e is Race Ready

2011-05-21T15:39:17+03:00May 21, 2011|12 Comments

I finished building my 808e around 2 or 3 weeks back but was waiting for the motor and speed controller to arrive plus the batteries. Once they arrived I took the stuff to Pro Hobbies to have them professionally solder the wires together for me as well as setup the buggy for me. It’s now ready to take to the track which is what I am going to this next weekend. So far it kicks ass!

Here are the parts I installed if anyone’s interested:
– Tekin RX8 Competition Brushless System
– Tekin T8 1900kv Motor
– Savox 1258TG Servo
– Turnigy 4500mAh 4S 30C hard case battery