My Toy, the Tamiya dealer in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I passed by Tilal Complex tonight to check out the new Tamiya store. They opened up in Tilal back in December 2008 but recently they moved to a larger store on the first floor. I was expecting the new store to be bigger than the previous but it turned out to be like 10 times bigger and looked amazing! Seriously I was in shock. It was very nicely organized, they have stations in the back where you could go and build your car, they even rent tools. They also have a painting room with exhausts for the fumes, a small photography studio where you can take pictures of your car and my favorite section, the spare parts! They have hundreds and hundreds of parts occupying the whole right side of the shop. What I used to hate about their old store was the fact that you had to know what part you wanted and then ask the salesman to get it for you from behind the counter but now I can just browse and find parts and accessories myself.

I really really love their new store and I highly recommend anyone that is interested in radio controlled cars or plastic models to visit it. They’re located on the first floor of Tilal Complex, opposite their older store. Oh and they have this HUGE space right by the shop where they are currently building a race track.

Here is a link to their website [Link]
Their phone number is 22256707

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  1. Hunter says:

    looks Very Very cool.
    Do they sell RC helicopters?

  2. HANEYL says:

    can you tell me the exact location…meanin with the place name and where tamiya building is?…..not so good with finding places

  3. HANEYL says:

    and do they sell second hand cars?

  4. Kuwait says:


    1. Where is this Tilal Complex?
    2. Any pics of the race track?

    Cool post, thanks!

  5. Mark says:

    Sorry I didn’t have my camera with me just my iphone and it was dark so i couldnt take many pics. Here is a map i drew

    Its not 100% accurate as in i dont know which corner tilal complex is exactly, just drive past city center and you should find a toyota (or was it honda) dealer on that road and a light store called Beam. tilal is right behind.

  6. HANEYL says:

    thnks mark…will be goin there real soon

  7. Ramez says:

    u may check the track pics on their facebook group: My Toy Company

    Sorry I cant post the link due to facebook site maintenance.

  8. Adel says:


    did u get the CR-01 unimog from there ??

  9. A.Albaz says:

    Is the Muthana branch of my My-Toy still open?

  10. Marzouq says:

    Damn thats looking good, I need to pass by there and check it out! Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Mr.pedro says:

    RC heaven

  12. fns says:

    That’s what they call it Jahra Street. You will find hyundai and Kuwait Finance House on that road so Tilal Complex should be right after those companies.

  13. Mark says:

    Ramez: Thats the old track, they’re building a new one on the roof, MUCH larger than the basement one.

    Adel: Didn’t get the unimog yet

    A.Albaz: No they closed it

    Marzouq: Take me with you when u go!

  14. bu ziad says:

    wow My Toy!! last time i went to My Toy was in 1986 in Zaid Al-Khaled Complex in Salmiya. That same complex had the “3alamiya” pastry shop that all of Kuwait bought its birthday cakes and pizzas from.
    anyhow, i think it will be nice to get back in to Tamiya after all these years :)

  15. Mark says:

    I’ve been going there since the 80s and I didn’t know the place was called Zaid Al Khalid. Thats where I originally know My Toy from too. I think 3alamiya pastry shop is still there plus the shawerma place next to it. In addition there is now a KDD dealership there.

  16. Adel says:

    still al 3alamya there and the pizza it is the same befor 1990 we all get our birthdays cake from there in the 80s

  17. ariston says:

    So timing espclly that winter is approaching…

  18. SWOS says:

    do they have the lunchbox in stock?


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