RC Racing at the chalet

Post by Mark

Every Friday we race our radio controlled cars over at a friends chalet and last week one of the guys decided to mount a Contour camera on his car and shoot some video. I actually bought my contour camera for this specific reason but after buying it I never got the guts to do it. After watching this video thought it’s something I’m definitely going to attempt this weekend. [YouTube]

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  1. YM965 says:

    Omg that looks so cool !

  2. Frankom says:

    Should mount my Baja with a camera !

  3. Burhan says:

    is it Battery or Petrol ? i guess Battery… am i right o_O

  4. 7ajidude says:

    very coool ;) way cooler than boring off roading ;)

  5. esz says:

    I like the part from 0:50

    They then suddenly speed up all together.

    Give us more videos Mark!

  6. haha, Cool

    That makes me wanna buy an RC

  7. amadO says:

    It would be great if you can stabilize the video with the new feature embedded in iMovie.

  8. BarryUno says:

    Awesome! It’s almost as good as watching those stunt shows and demolition derbies on tv, maybe even better. Hmmm……speaking of demolition derbies…..how about a radio controlled car derby! :-)

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