Speeding might get your car impounded and then crushed

Post by Mark

Not sure whats with the sudden surge of all these dramatic new law proposals but this is one that’s sure to freak out a lot of people:

Kuwait is considering a proposal to crush cars of drivers caught speeding before selling the vehicles as scrap metal, according to reports in the Gulf state

In a bid to combat speeding, drivers caught travelling over 180 km/hr will have their vehicles confiscated, crushed and sold as scrap, Kuwaiti press reported.

My car can’t even get to 180 so I’m safe in that aspect but it still does seem a bit extreme. [Link]

Thanks Ahmed

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  1. Nabil says:

    And having a death missile going above 180km/h on the street that are used by families, women, and children is not extreme. I say such people should have these license revoked for at least 2 years so that they don’t ever dare to put the lives of my children in danger. Shameless animals.

  2. SL says:

    I don’t find this extreme at all. The only way to get people to slow down in this country is to hit them with real consequences. There is simply no reason to ever go over 180km/h (or even close to that). Shameless animals, indeed.

  3. Mark says:

    I have to disagree with you two. I don’t think the problem is that punishment right now isn’t severe.

    The problem is wasta, as long as there is wasta people will continue to break the law. I’ve said this a million times already, people are running red lights in front of cops who do nothing.

    I used to blame the cops but I’ve been thinking about it recently and I don’t think they’re at fault. I think the cops are demoralized because whats the use of stopping and fining a guy, having to do all that paperwork if at the end of the day that person is going to find wasta and get away with it?

    • Nasser says:

      Wasta is the reason Kuwait is in the state it is today, and it’s terrible that this is whats going on.

      • AAA says:

        @Nasser You say that, but every Kuwaiti seems addicted to wasta and wants to do everything with wasta. To break this social norm, is to enforce laws with penalties for all. I think there will always be a degree of wasta, but to do everything by needing wasta is ridiculous in Kuwait. Wasta has made your society socially weak as a nation and shame on the government for making you dependent on it.

        • aaa says:

          What does it have to do with the government? If I want a new job at a specific company I call someone I know at that company, yes – but that has nothing to do with the government.

          Don’t say it’s Kuwaiti only either. Most foreigners I know at this job got in through wasta.

          • AAA says:

            And where are they? Kuwait

            • aaa says:

              And yet they seem addicted to Wasta too, meaning they are part of the problem.

              • AAA says:

                they may be addicted to your system, but when they go home, unless they are from India, they can not do everything with wasta – there is a system.

                • aaa says:

                  Haha ok. George Bush managed to get into Yale with C grades because his dad was rich and famous. The last 4 presidents of the US all went to Yale, Harvard, or both. Don’t say there’s no wasta, say you don’t notice it.

    • Nabil says:

      Agree with the Wasta plague of Kuwait. With the existence of Wasta, such law of crushing cars would only be applicable for those who do not have one (wasta). Having a different law for rich (influential) vs poor is an issue with almost the entire developing world.

      However, there are a few folks who may not have the Wasta but are still irresponsible. You know the kids in their puberty thinking they can take a dump where are they want. This includes expat kids and local kids. If they are not supported (wasta) by their father just for the sake of teaching them a lesson, I would love to see their car being crushed along with their face expressions. Perhaps a video on this blog.

      So if this does get implemented, at least my kids will be safe than what ever the stats are as of now. So i vote for it. But that does not mean I am any less interested in getting the wasta plague cured here in Kuwait. That would be one of the best things that ever happened to Kuwait as a country and Kuwaitis as a nation.

    • Gilbert says:

      Wastahs indeed

  4. Moe Jr. says:

    instead of the car being crushed, having it impounded for 2 years, as well as a ban on driving altogether would be better than having the car crushed… but mark is right, none of this will happen since most people can get out of trouble just by having the right connections

    plus, what i find stupid is that there is a limit of 180 km/hr, what difference does it make between 170 and 180, no matter how fast you go… it still is a freaking missile… a flat tyre at high speeds can send your car flipping like a diver

  5. Lucky_boy says:

    OMG that’s so awesome, I’m 100% behind this law if ever approved… Those reckless drivers should think 1000 times before driving at such speed risking all our families and friends life on the road!!

  6. q8girl says:

    Its not gonna make a difference! (I wish it would tho) Wasta again will come into play and the persons car wont be taken away and crushed.

  7. sarah says:

    I saw a bumper the other day that said “I’m not driving fast, I’m flying slow’. that pritty much sums it up.

  8. aaa says:

    That’s pretty metal \m/

  9. PKG says:

    u know.. just a couple of months back, i kinda got lucky and avoided what could have been a HUGEEEE accident and could have possibly cost me my life, thanks to this assole who was (and i swear) driving well over 200 km/hr. This was at 2 in the morning when i was comming back from a party and i took the 5th ring road. I was at 130 (kinda speeding myself) and on the first lane and this guy passed me on the shoulder lane and i kid you not, the difference between his speed and my speed was as if i was driving at 30 n he was driving at 120. And after he passed me, after like 10 seconds i see smoke and dust rubbles ahead n ppl stopping and putting their hazzard lights on. Next thing i see when i get there is this assole’s car (camry) half way inside a trailblazer.

    To get to the point, i kinda agree with both sides here. Destroying their cars is def’ly a start. But then doing nuttin about it to the driver is not going to help. Cause then they will jus buy new cars n do it again if they arent already dead. They need to revoke his/her lisence for atleast a year or two and somehow have some sort of a short jail term sentence for these drivers for endangering lives around them. Also, they need to be objective about this and not let wasta hinder in the decision process.

    P.S – I know im dreaming and none of this will actually happen.. but ohh well.. something to think about..

  10. incognito says:

    This would be the best time to sell my suped up car :p

  11. incognito says:

    In another news, fatalities happen because people are not wearing seat belts and too busy tweeting while driving.

  12. Buzfairy says:

    I rarely speed, but even I who is a careful follower of traffic laws would like to see them try out to crush any of my cars.

    Cars these days aren’t cheap, the government will open a whole can of worms if it tried this ridiculously stupid law.

    However, if they amend the proposed law to only be applicable to regular repeat offenders (like let’s say to apply on people who regularly speeds multiple time a months, month after month), then it might be a bit more acceptable.

  13. Longhorn in Kuwait says:

    Since public streets like the seaside from Fintas to Fahaheel are 60-80kmh, the police should monitor the speeds there too with radar. It wouldn’t hurt to post officers or install traffic cameras like in the States and other Western and even some Southeast Asian countries. I am talking about ones mounted high above ground similar to the ones on Gulf Road in the Salwa area. I witnessed a cop ignore a corvette run a red light @street 210 in Mahboula, pull over a SUV(with a family in it) only to let him go after a couple of kisses on the cheeks. And probably the same vette, because I always here cars tearing up the seaside street, peeling off over and over againfrom the 210 red light. If they are going to starting cruching the cars of the offenders, we are going to start seeing more and more nissan pickups and datsun cars on the road speeding!

    • sarah says:

      @ Longhorn – have you seen the new camera’s on the 40fwy? They are taped with duct tape to current road signs they are so cheap.

      • Longhorn in Kuwait says:

        I think those are to monitor the amount of traffic that travels in that particular area. They tend to move those around on the 30 and 40. they were as far back as Kuwait Navy Base at one point.

  14. Sleeper says:

    As nice as this law is, i doubt it would do anything to change the way people speed here. Take for example the law that says your not suposed to use phone while driving. If i had a fils for every cop i caught driving while using his phone, i would be rich as hell.

    On a separate note, why not build a race track for people to speed as much as they want? There used to a be a 1/8 mile dragstrip before it got closed down.

    And Incognito.. how much you selling your car for?

  15. livin' in kuwait says:

    ..ought to work if they crush the driver too..

  16. TweeZ says:

    180? it should be above 120!

  17. Go Blue says:

    Good proposal if it’s implemented. I.e people are not let off the hook due to contacts.

    Driving at 180kmph is inexcusable.

  18. LWDLIK says:

    Wish I had time to video the maniac today who overtook the car in front of me at 120kmph by driving in the emergency lane next to the fast lane. Lunatic!

  19. Othman says:

    Personally I’m against this law.
    Why not build a proper circuit like the rest of the world where auto enthusiasts can drive as fast as they can in a safe environment.

  20. Burhan says:

    does anyone know how to set a speed limiter on a Lexus ?

  21. From here says:

    They still haven’t implemented the seat belt law anything in local newspapers is nonsense and we all know it

  22. Desert Girl says:

    Let’s start with the Ferraris!! :) Lambros, Bentleys… smush ’em like bugs!

    • Longhorn in Kuwait says:

      Hahaha.. that would be funny to seebut that will never happen. most of the real violators are the Nissan Patrols, all models of small toyota/nissan pickups, and newer and used sedans. you see the occational large SUV speeding or driving recklessly. one of my co-workers saw a traffic officer over the weekend texting while driving, what an example he was making!

  23. Buya3goub says:

    ok so my cammed z06 doesnt have a track for it in Kuwait to be unleashed , so when i get on the streets at 3 Am no cars at all and believe me when i say no cars at all, and drop to second gear and punch it till 5th gear (300km/h) which iv doin several times but this time if a 20 year old “sha9i” sees me he impounds my car and crushes it ? why the **** did i buy a sports car then? looks? hell no! these engines should breathe ! give us a track god damn it!

    • Sami says:

      It’s not our problem that you bought a sports car. If you drive it at 300km/h on a public street, cars or no cars, you are a retarded idiot.

  24. Ali Sleeq says:

    Will it be implemented just as good as the phone headset law?

  25. qeight says:

    Do they give us the money once they sell the car as junk?

  26. JT says:

    Speeders need to do prison time.

  27. Aref says:

    Why not confiscate the car and publicly auction it off? Use the revenue to build a race track.
    That makes more sense.

  28. d'fine says:

    love it… just saw that stupid campaign removed from Bida roundabout. Wonder whats next.

  29. Aziz says:

    I say leave the car, crush the driver

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