A visit to Pro-Hobbies

Post by Mark

Tonight I passed by a shop called Pro-Hobbies in Dajeej. I needed some paint for my Tamiya crawler and the Tamiya dealer had run out so they recommended I pass by Pro-Hobbies instead. It was my first time there and the place turned out to be really cool. While Tamiya specializes in on and off road electric cars and buggies, Pro-Hobbies specializes in helicopters and nitro powered race buggies.

While there I also got to check out the KHR-1 Robot. I had seen this robot before on YouTube playing football so it was very exciting to see the robot live. They aren’t selling them yet, they just got one to try it out and see if there is a market for it. The robot costs around KD400 which isn’t cheap but the way it moves is just incredible. It’s fully programmable and is driven by 19 servos (motors) which explains the hefty price tag considering a single servo usually costs around KD12. I took a video of the robot which you can see below. It was running out of batteries and the floor was slippery but you can still see how cool it is.


If you want to pass by the store they’re located in the mall behind Showtime in Dajeej. Here is a link to the [Map]. They have a website but it’s still under construction. [Link]

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  1. ar53nal14 says:

    The robot needs a cover or something to cover everything.

  2. frankom says:

    i will dance for you if you pay me half that price
    naked for KD300

  3. ar53nal14 says:

    Frankom, chithee marra wa7da? :D

  4. frankom says:

    cham as3arek int :P ?

    yakhi wayed 400 !

  5. Omar says:

    My cat would love that robot.

  6. Mark says:

    My dog would be scared of the robot

  7. ar53nal14 says:

    My turtle would love to play with that robot.

  8. Adel says:

    which color did you take for the cr-01?

  9. Mr.pedro says:

    Awesome I love how there is so many hobby shops in kuwait now before it was just tamiya and al hamar

  10. Mark says:

    Adel: Metallic dark grey with a white roof and tinted windows

  11. Mathai says:

    Mark have you considered graduating to air-brushing ? It gives better control when you want to paint small panels or parts. As for me I’m still in the spray can phase :(

  12. Itsallg000d says:

    The place looks nice! I was at Tamiya yesterday … they seemed in the process of building new street track on the near by roof!

  13. Mark says:

    Mathai: i was never good at air brushing when I was in university so doubt will be any better now

    itsallgood: yeah they r building a huge on road track where you will be able to race your cars. They have a smaller one in the basement at the moment

  14. Kuwait says:

    LOL @ 1:13, he wanted to go under the table but you guys didn’t let him!

  15. Sami says:

    Do they have train modeling kits?

  16. Mark says:

    no. the only store i’ve ever seen that sold train modeling kits was in Munich. I love model trains but they’re too expensive.

  17. Sami says:

    Too bad. I see train model shops all over Europe. I also remember seeing one in City Centre Dubai next to virgin. But that was many years ago and it was closed.

    I guess there is not enough interest for model trains in the region.

  18. Adel says:

    for the windows only spray one coat for the tinted

  19. Mark says:

    Adel: I got some smoke paint but yeah I should probably try it on a piece of glass or something before I attempt it on the lexan

  20. goencho pao says:

    Did they have any model kits for tall ships (sailing Ships), checked out the ones at the Tamiya Store, it was all plastic. I remember before ‘1990’ i used to buy them at Salmiya and at Muthanna, they were quite reasonable and wooden.

    Lost the entire collection, and never seen any kit here after that till now

    • Ronman says:

      I have two sailing (America’s Cup) hulls in my possession, picked them from the dead storage of an R/C shop in Lebanon when i was a regular visitor.

      I wanted to get them a keel and sail kit but couldn’t find any easily accessible, so they are gathering dust in the attic. they are made of fiber glass (will confirm details if anyone shows interest), very well balanced, as they are empty now they float completely upright. adding the keel, battery, mast and servos would have to be done by the book to maintain balance of course.

      the only issue is that the hulls don’t have any markings, so i don’t know the model number in order to get the appropriate kit, i guess whoever would want to take advantage of them should know his way around R/C sail boats. no sure also about their size, but tip to transom they are possibly a smidgen over 65cm, maybe a bit more.

      if anyone is interested let me know, i would love if someone who knows his way around them takes advantage of at least one of them….

  21. Mark says:

    Nope, the only model ships I’ve seen are the ones at Tamiya.

  22. Adel says:

    cuz the smoke color will be mor darker if u put the body on the chassis

  23. Burhan says:

    That robot reminds me of the Citroen ads.

  24. baddunk says:

    i have one, i bought it online for 150 bucks, why are they selling here for 400kd???

  25. Mark says:

    Because what you bought is something completely different. The khr1 costs like 700 pounds online.

  26. GuruDev says:

    The owner, Nawaf Al-Abdulrazak, is among the few who can actually guide you on troubleshooting problems with most rc gadgets. And the coolest thing is the guy will not try to sell you stuff that is not required unlike others! his technical know how is impresive and if you have ever competed in rc races, chances are you have already met him and have most likely never beaten him. He does have skills

  27. Ronman says:

    That Robot is a bunch of Servos brilliant engineering and design, but can’t see the point other than to scare the cat..

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