Tamiya 501x at the track

Post by Mark

Bader, a friend of mine who also won the Tamiya 501x buggy from the My Toy Facebook competition uploaded a video of his car in action around the My Toy offroad track. It looks very cool, I’m nearly finished building my car as well, just waiting for my motor and batteries to get delivered by Aramex. I don’t know what camera Bader mounted on the small 1/10 scale buggy but I already asked him and once he emails me a response will post it here. [YouTube]

My Toy have ended their 501x giveaway and have started a new competition in which you need to send them an edited RC car video. I sent them the one I made of my FJ Cruiser (below) which I think is a pretty cool video specially since it was my first.

Tamiya FJ CR-01 in Kuwait

Update: He used the GoPro Hero HD motorsports version with 3M mounts which you can find on Amazon [Here]

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  1. Traxxas makes an RC version of the GoPro Hero HD camera. Basically they took the regular GoPro cam and made a mount specifically for RC cars. Most onboard RC videos use them.

  2. Gray says:

    Hahaha…Nice one Mark! i am now inspired to make one…hehehe. Maybe i’ll make a video on how to crash an RC car properly…hehehehe.

  3. Gray says:

    Nice one Mark! hehehe… i am inspired now…hehehe…maybe i’ll make a video on How to Crash your RC Car Properly…hehehe! hmmm? yeah…that would be a great video and really slow-mo parts showing bits and pieces plying out…hahaha…now, who’s car will i use? hmmm?

  4. Gray says:

    “Flying Out” i mean…my bad.

  5. Summer says:

    Looool!! i love it!!

  6. Mathai says:

    You’ve entered the video contest? oh man your Rage Against The Machine clip is a tough act to follow :P

  7. Ronman says:

    Epic video…soundtrack rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

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