The Xray 808e Build

Post by Mark

After building the amazing Tamiya 502x last week I got back into the RC cars mood again. So, over the weekend I decided to get another car to build and passed by Pro Hobbies and purchased the Xray 808e. I’ve had my eye on the Xray 808 since 2009 but back then they only came in nitro versions until last year when Xray released the electric version of the same car and called it the 808e. Xray is a high-end radio controlled car company and they’re sometimes called the Rolls Royce of RC cars. As soon as I opened the box I understood why, everything looked just incredible and felt top notch. From the thick plastic bags the parts are placed in to the glossy fully colored manual and the “authenticity certificate” it comes with. Makes the whole package feel more expensive than what I paid for it.


One of the main reasons I wanted the Xray 808e is because it’s a 1/8 scale car which means I will finally be able to take it to the Radio Control Car Club of Kuwait (RCCCK) off-road track near 360 Mall. It’s one of the largest tracks in the world and it would be a real shame not to take advantage of it. You can watch the video above of the track which I shot last year.

Usually when I start building these cars I zone out and ignore everything around me (including the blog) but this time I am going to take my time by dedicated only 2 or 3 hours a day to work on the car. Hopefully it will be ready sometime next month before it gets too hot. Still need to think of a color scheme, the wheels are white and the spoiler is white so not sure what color I am going to paint the body yet.

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  1. Ali says:

    Hello. I would like to know the location of this track please

  2. Muhammad says:

    Nice Car.. How much u bought it?

  3. 0vvlq8 says:

    Mark would you please explain why do you prefer electric over nitro?

  4. Mark says:

    I prefer electric over nitro for a number of reasons

    1) Nitro is too loud which makes it extremely annoying for people around you. So no playing in your local neighborhood

    2) You can’t play with Nitro in doors

    3) Nitro is too dirty and messy

    4) Nitro requires a lot more maintenance and cleaning

    The Xray 808e costs KD175 but thats just the frame/body without any of the electrical parts needed to get it running

  5. Ronman says:

    Electric beats Nitro in almost every aspect but durability, as the batteries run out quite quickly, however when i stopped we were at 3300 mamps, what are they at now? 5 amp lithium ion batteries? those should last a while…

    never raced off road buggies but did get to 2nd place in the open cup in Lebanon back in 2002-2003 driving an HPI RS4 Pro 2…when i lived in Kuwait my brother and I used to get our stuff from Lo3bati, is that shop still around?

    by the way, that track is EPIC!…my jaw dropped literally… a dream, can’t wait to get the time to get back into R/C

    • Mark says:

      hell yeah lo3bati is My Toy, they’re still open and they’re still the tamiya dealers! Thats where I get all my 1/10 scale cars from. do a search on this blog for tamiya :)

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