The revamped off-road RC track

Post by Mark

Earlier today I passed by the newly revamped Kuwait Science Club RC track near 360 Mall. I was the only one there so I managed to take the picture above of the track completely empty. It’s really huge and pretty difficult to race around at least for a newbie like me. There are some very cool jumps that had my car flying off the ground except the jumps usually ended with a sharp right turn so my car would end up flying off the course. Still lots of fun and I didn’t damage anything. I shot a video which I’ll try to post later tonight but for now you can check out a large panorama of the track by visiting this [Link]

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  1. GWB says:

    I want to know one thing: what is the connection between a science club and racing toy cars? Is racing toy cars a scientific activity like solving a complex mathematical equation or observing Saturn? Only in Kuwait hobbies are considered science. No wonder we are at the bottom of every list that includes science as a criterion.

  2. Troy says:

    Anyone else see the similarity between an RC race track and a BMX race track?

    Kuwait has plenty of space and money to build an indoor race course (air conditioned) and racing is fun for all age groups.


  3. nawaf says:

    Troy the only way they will be possible if someone actually was making money from it.

    An rc track and or bmw track or mountain bike indoor track will minimise the total deaths we have in Kuwait related to motor bikes of the likes of yamaha banshees etc, since most youths have nothing else better to do then race on the open streets and or ” cruise the bnaider roads with an offroad motorbike”

  4. nawaf says:

    GWB, your comment is invalid in terms of the KSC being a scientific club and rc is not related to science.

    If you do a little research on KSC you will know that KSC was the first to introduce the RC hobby in Kuwait back in the 70’s which started in model rc planes.

    It grew slowly to other things, which sadly did not evolve from it transitioning to a full fledged rc club since most people involved in the rc hobby till todate are limited with english vocab.

    In a perfect world the RC needs a full fledge club, and by the Kuwaiti dustoor your entitled to having one if you have the signature and consent of 50 people wanting it.

    We all know that and we all know the BS we have to go through getting the paperwork done for something like that.

    By all means be my guest you could do the leg work, am sure your fully aware of the BS paperwork you need to go through with the ministries.

    We dont even have a proper facility for racing cars in Kuwait, drag racing etc, and you want the ministries to assist you with RC cars????

    So fact is, we do with the best of what we have, Kuwait Science Club is doing the best they can based on their budget and we as members of RCCCK are more then willing to shell out money from our pockets to keep the hobby alive for the those wanting to join, since it’s our hobby as well, critiquing about Kuwait and what we have is not going to do anything, cause from where I am standing, we are very fortunate for what we have.

    If you want to make a change start by lending us a hand in what we need, one of them is not criticism.

    RC cars are not toys I can assure you, and I can also assure you, there are people who do this for a living, FYI the last person who took 4th place at the world championship is 16 years old, and his yearly salary are in the 6 digits.

    If your saying rc cars also dont have any science about it, then you would know that rc cars have shock oils, these shock oils are measured in various oil viscosity rates WT or CST s an example and rheometer is the apparatus that ised used to verify these various oil viscosities, and every weight has a key factor to how your car handles on the track, not to mention that you also need to figure out the right amount of fuel to air mixing ratio based on the air density outside that keeps changing from morning till late afternoon, but then again that would not be science at all that would be just pure common sense, i did not even get into the cars mechanical and theory, need I say more ?

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