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Post by Mark

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It’s official now here in Kuwait also. No more Sub Club, no more stamps. When I asked the guy why they stopped them he told me because some kids in the States made copies and sold them on eBay. I was surprised to know the guy knew the full story. Now I have a whole bunch of Subway cards that are full and I can’t use them. SUCKS!

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  1. you can send them to me ;P You can still use them in the UK

  2. Mark says:

    you sure? when was the last time you checked?

  3. Dragon says:

    yeah it’s sad.., i only needed a wee single stamp and i would’ve got me a yummy free half a sandwich and they confiscated my card as a gave it to them!, funny thing is that they wanted me to write my name on it, could it be something to do with that ebay incident thing?

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