Obesity Worldwide

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I already knew Kuwait was in the top 10 but 74.2% overweight sounds too high. Follow the link for the full infographic on Obesity Worldwide [Link]

Thanks Vineeth

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  1. Suleiman says:

    According to Al-Rashdan & Al-Nesef (2010) the prevalence of overweight BMI (>25) in Kuwait is 80.4%.

    The prevalence of obesity (BMI>30) is 47.5%.

  2. q82011 says:

    Overweight = you may need to lose a few pounds.
    Obese = You NEED to put the burger down and run 10 miles!
    Overweight isn’t that big of a deal compared to the other classes of obesity.

  3. Mark says:

    Yeah I think it has to do with what counts as overweight.

  4. Baqdonis says:

    That’s bullshit.
    One of the sources used is WHO. What a joke.

  5. with all this rice, leban, and naps with full stomachs, what do u expect. but the trend now is to eat during winter and take a dosage of testosterone in the summer and join the gym :p

  6. MousePotato says:

    I’m thin more than a stick :'(

  7. MM88 says:

    And Jazeera Airways, a Kuwait-based carrier buys planes with narrow seats that are too small for the market AND will not tell someone that they need to buy two seats if they are obese. Wataniya Airways planes had seats that were more appropriate for this market.

  8. sarah says:

    Maybe Kuwaiti men should start looking for mail order brides from Palau?

  9. desert sky says:

    What do you with burger joints on nearly every corner.

  10. daily says:

    love the picture of the cankles…..

  11. O says:

    Good.. now I feel normal :p
    since I’m in the majority bracket :D

  12. Summer says:

    Kuwait should have a law against obesity, so that people would become more careful about being overweight. That’s because being overweight leads to obesity.

    • *Puts on fascist hat*

      Yes, and also a law against driving, since that’s the greatest killer in Kuwait, other than heart disease, cancer and diabetes complications.

      Seriously, you can’t tell people what to do or what not to do. They’re free to live as they choose, but we suffer as a society because of the healthcare costs of taking care of them later in life. It might not be a problem now, but imagine this generation of obese young people all reaching middle age with diabetes and uncontrollable obesity. It’s going to be a nightmare that we can’t escape.

      You can’t make a law against that, but you can create the conditions to make it really hard to be obese. Still, we should let people be free to make their own choices.

    • carl says:

      the fat tax, lol .just like Denmark.

  13. Kasia says:

    I think that promoting healthy lifestyles should help. It is much better if people realize themselves that it is worth getting slimmer and fit. Education is a key to every change.
    I am also not sure if the info is correct but government in Kuwait will support somehow financially people who whish to make a gastric bypass. it should help as well, considering the fact that if you reach a certain level of obesity you cannot just loose weight by dieting.

  14. il pazzo says:

    some of the comments here are just stupid, u can’t issue a law an this kind of thing, what u can do is educate young students more about the dangers of obesity, so they would learn to live healthy, oh and most season gym goers are idiots, u exercise for u not some chick who doesn’t care about u

    • KK88 says:

      Simple. You educate through the schools. The Ministry of Education has failed the children of this nation in many ways, but one is that they fail to monitor canteens. They should ban all soda’s, chips, chocolates on all campuses in Kuwait. They should inspect canteens on campuses and make sure that these schools are offering healthy options for the students. There should be an educational campaign on healthy eating in all schools in Kuwait. Where is this a law in the GCC, Yep, Dubai.

  15. Zizo says:

    Ya it is pretty said, but America has the most population out of all these countries i believe so thats pretty sad it makes the top 10.

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