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Old Kuwait Postcards

I was searching for random stuff on eBay when I spotted a bunch of different sellers selling old postcards of Kuwait. I saved the most interesting ones to share below. Notice how much greener Kuwait was back in the old days? Also you might notice some of the postcards feature the Kuwait Towers while still under construction. The postcard I decided to highlight above is of “The Yachting Club”. [eBay Link]

There are two images of the back of the postcards with writings. I don’t know what language they’re in (my guess Bulgarian and Italian?) but if anyone can translate them to English that would be fantastic. Also what happened to all the seagulls??

Update: A friend noted the seagulls might have been super imposed on that shot. Looking at it closely I can’t seem to find any shadows of the seagulls so that’s probably the case.

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Seagulls are still here, only that now they find more food in the garbage bins that the sea. Not worthy to fish when you can get all-you-can-eat on the streets.
Look for them inland.
As for the 2 cards with the writing on the back one is in Bulgarian the second is also a Slavic language.

Nice cards,

the first card says:

Hi from Kuwait, Mohammad and Zahra send their regards, I haven’t seen you for six months. Write back to me and tell me what’s new on your side.

It is addressed to Pavel Pavlov

It’s Russian but the grammar is all wrong, so it could be bad Russian or Bulgarian Russian.

In the second card, he is talking about some personal relationship stuff, it wouldn’t be right to translate it here.

thanks just read it. its like a mini soap opera. You should post the translation here since there are no names mentioned and it took place back in 1969…

hello the first card is in bulgarian.

dear friends
Wish you a happy spring
A big hello from Kuwait
The weather is warm here
Mohamed and Zahra say hello. Zahra is one month pregnant.
How are you ? How is life ?
Greetings and kisses to both of you.
from Khristo Antonov
To Pavel Pavlov in Sofia

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