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The McDonalds branch on the Gulf Road is installing one of those intercom systems for ordering at their drive-thru. I don’t think I’ve seen one of these in Kuwait before and I just have a feeling it’s not really gonna work. I’ve used these intercoms before in the States and Canada and you could barely understand what’s being said, add all the different accents and languages we have here and no one is going to understand anyone.

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  1. Prince Ferydon says:

    This is old
    I remember hadez and kfc had them in early and mid 90’s and it was not so good
    the voice was not clear

  2. Frankom says:

    Even Burger King, i used to order from the one in South Surra through their intercom system

  3. Mark says:

    I guess i must be out of touch with fast food in kuwait :)

  4. Kuwaitiful says:

    Yea i’ve seen those intercom’s everywhere. Qurtoba Burger King has one, and it really is a bad idea.

    I had a nightmare trying to both understand what she said and her trying to understand what I want.

    Not to blame for being out of touch, Fahad changed your eating habits dramatically.

  5. Security Adviser says:

    The Hardeez branches at the UN Circle and at the Arddiya Co-Op use a similar intercom systems at their drive thru and they seem yo work fine.. havent got an order wrong yet.

  6. Jassim says:

    100% صح
    لمن نكلم العرب بمطعم كنتاكي ما يفهم

  7. Jena says:

    Burger king, Hardees and KFC all have intercoms

  8. vampire says:

    it’s been used long time back and it’s working fine for me (^___^) “

  9. Areeb says:

    The same thing is there in the new branch of mcdonalds in abbasiya too,near the new fish and vegetable market..It indeed is really irritatn..

  10. Spartan says:

    dude what r u talkin about..intercoms are old as dirt! BK mishref has one..hardees bidi3 has one..just on top of my head im sure there are ALOT more

  11. Kuwait says:

    MOST if not all the McD, BK, Hardees I’ve been to have intercoms since years.

  12. Desert Rain says:

    I’ve got one in my office too. And I really don’t understand what some people say. You know what I mean, he he.

  13. Nand says:

    Completely agree with you Mark….yesterday a call to Hardees for four value meals took TEN full minutes…i dunno how such people can ever be employed at Call Centres……

  14. Sauce says:

    every fast food resto in kuwait with a drive through window has an an intercom, i use them all the time

  15. Danderma says:

    There are ones for sure in Hardeez… but the voice is all crackily and i cannot understand a thing and i suspect that when we order you will miss our special instruction like “no onions” or “no pickles” or “plain” because of the crackily static stuff

    but i guess Mcd’s have to do it so the poor workers do not have to walk all the way to the back of the line to place orders when it’s very busy… they should have multiple drive through lines

  16. Yeni says:

    What the hell is wrong with you Mark? Hardee’s and Burger King have been using the same system for well over 10 years in almost every single one of their drive thrus.

  17. Desert Girl says:

    Yeah, they’ve been around here for a while.

    Hardees at Bidaa is the worst case study of intercoms gone wrong. they can never understand a word.

    I don’t like to deal with humans anymore. That is why I am such a good 6alabat.com customer. I don’t want to talk to them – and don’t even TRY to call me.

  18. alia says:

    to inform you there was the same in hardes before 4 years
    thank u :)

  19. maged says:

    burger king in mangaf have one but its not working

  20. 3azeez says:

    Hardees always had it. at least in Khaldiya and Mansouriya

  21. Scorpio says:

    Caribo Shaab has one but the voice is clear maybe cuz it’s new still

  22. RBG says:

    wonder if it will have the LCD screen showing your order like in the USA?? any idea?

  23. Rawan says:

    There’s intercom in burger king qurtoba ,
    I noticed them a month ago, at the first time when she was talking I was like wherree is shee
    B3den estw3bt lol;p

  24. chadi says:

    Guys just wait till you try it and than judge, dont compare only>

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