Paintball Guns at Ace

Post by Mark

I noticed that Ace Hardware now has a small display of paintball guns for sale. They’re carrying the Tippmann brand along with gas canisters and paintball pellets. Imagine if kids started using them on National Day instead of foam cans…

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  1. Azz says:

    Ahh…they’ve got the idea already now ;P

  2. Desert Girl says:

    Can we “adults” use them to return fire? Please please please?

  3. Ahmad says:

    Hell no , how much r they

  4. Phoenix says:

    isn’t there an age restriction?

  5. ab7ag says:

    this is what i dont you guys want a free kuwait where everything is possible? or do you guys want everything restricted and red taped??..

    please make up your minds cause i seriously dont know what u guys want and if you guys dont want to play around with paintball guns then just dont.

    • Phoenix says:

      some things should be regulated and others should not.. you cannot just ban or allow everything.

    • Ashraf says:

      U are lame dude… don’t you know how bad this effin paint ball hurts when hit from a short distance… it’s gonna be chaos if anyone uses this during the national celebrations….

      • Phoenix says:

        You are wrongly preconceiving if you’ve interpreted my comment as supporting the use of paint ball outside of regulations.

        As I said, there shouldn’t be a haphazard ban or permission on everything, each case should be studied on its own according to its related criteria.

  6. Burhan says:

    That’s Dangerous ! i know how bad the wounds become after a Hit !

  7. desertsky says:

    ab7ag.You’re completely missing the point here.The post is about the concern of kids getting their hands on one of these weapons.Or don’t you mind getting shot at point blank range by a mischievous 10 year old?

  8. Mohd says:

    damn that m16 :D so motivating :P

  9. Ralph says:

    Restricted for 21 yrs old and above…

  10. i Tango says:

    Mark, I would hate to think that 10_year olds are reading your blog

  11. PedroDashT says:

    Don’t give them any idea’s !!

  12. R.k says:

    Disaster is coming on th road, pour taxi’s as they are always targets.

  13. qeight says:

    Mark, Thanks for the ideas… :D..Instead of using Foam Cans..

  14. TweeZ says:

    simple, just stop your car, go up to the kid, and punch him right between the eyes. Or better yet, take the gun from him, shoot him and his family for not teaching him any manners.
    Its Free Kuwait day dude, you can do anything you want!

  15. Gilbert says:

    One night during Eid I heard continous popping sounds from my kids’ room window, so when I opened the curtain to see, the window glass is full of colored paint! And looked outside and I saw a gang of teens inside a black tinted suv on the other side of the road shooting at our building windows! What a way to play with these guns!

  16. MMR says:

    mark they already used paintball guns earlier this year on national day:p

  17. Loukman jida says:

    Salam 3alaykoum im from lebanon
    I have a paint ball fields thereand i need to buy a paintball how can i contact with you
    Do you have a whatsapp number??

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