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Ramp Rebels they are not

Just got back from Marina Crescent. I went to have lunch there and check out the Ramp Rebel Tour which was being held there this weekend. I have to say I have seen both Ozzy and my brother skateboard with more passion and skill while playing around at home then the two skateboarders I saw lazily play the half pipe. Maybe they were tired or bored but they were definitely not interesting to watch. I stayed there for like 20 minutes watching them just go up and down the half pipe dully and then falling half the time without doing anything. The only reason I stayed that long was because I was trying to find some shots to take with my Holga camera. I think I got some cool shots and once I develop the pictures I will post them here. I used colored film this time around.

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oh so that’s why it was extra crowded in marina yesterday afternoon. man they should jsut quit trying to make kuwait a “cool” and stylish place, they should jsut convert everything back to fuckign friday market style and let people like eat each other int he streets like back in the day heh.

regarding dog names with the later E:

Ekanta (means devoted in hindi)

(was searching for a name for my car and browsed through the E’s for you)

I was there a while longer, took some pictures and saw one of the guys break his arm badly, however i did not take a picture of it (even I had my finger on the trigger all the time) because it was just too bad (his arm) and I decided not to spread his suffering around.
anyway the performance was really, really bad.

I know you obsiosly dont have a clue about Skateboarding or Bmxing, that was our first demo ever on that ramp, now just imagine you get a new car, would you get in this and know every inch of the car straight away,,,,NO.
This is the same as BMX and Skateboarding, were showing these people that their is something else to do rather than hang on street corners and smoke cigarettes so fuck off you ponce and go critacise someone who is not trying to do something positive.

Yeah, I was there too, the BMXers were great, but I have to say, the skaters sucked. Half the time they were falling and otherwise they were just pumping back and forth on the miniramp. Its a shame that guy didnt land that manual to hang-five, that was great. They shoulda left the ramp though. There is a skatepark in Kuwait, Omariya Park. Has a 30-foot long bowl and a smaller 15 foot bowl. The transition is a bit too long for my liking on the big one, and theres no coping. It just slopes over. Its better than nothing. Got my no-footers clicked so I’m not complaining.

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