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Is this true?

I heard today that there is a new law coming out in Kuwait where expats (like me) will only be allowed to live in Kuwait for 6 years. After 6 years I have to leave the country and I can only come back after 2 years. If this is the case I might as well pack my bags and leave now.

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its a proposal for GCC countries, so needs to go through the long cycle of approvals, so still too early for anything concerete and does not indicate any details on what type of foreign residents.

Its 5 years .. and its a gcc thing(I highly doubt it will actually be created). You have a great employee for 5 years (about the time it takes them to actually fit in and start handling big projects) and then they have to leave?

Nah, they must be fucking assholes to make a law like that.

Well, they recently put in a new law for driver’s license where you have to have a salary over 400KD and be at the age of 21…who the fuck comes up with this shit?

nothing of GCC rules gets implemented. if they did implement them we should have unified IDs and driving licenses. and a commen currency so let them go to hell.

forza how does it sound good on paper??? I can’t think of anything positive about this, not towards locals nor towards expats. Everyone would be losing out.

It is a pan-GCC law and the time limit is 6 years. It looks like all GCC countries are in agreement to implement the law but what’s still not ironed out is the exceptions. SOme countries only want this law to be applicable to unskilled labor. Others want the only exception to be manager grade expats. I am sure by the time it is finally implemented it will not apply to professionals like yourself.

God this is what I hate about the Gulf. You bring in people to friggin BUILD you from the ground up, and then once they’re done with you, yalla ma3issalama, 7illoo 3anna.

Such a shame.

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