Roomba for Sale

Post by Mark


If anyone is interested in buying my Roomba, please contact me. Its in excellent condition and comes with 2 virtual walls. What is a Rooma? Its a robot vacuum cleaner. Email me or leave a comment below. Asking price is KD50.

Originally purchased for $215 (with virtual wall and taxes, excluding around KD20 shipping to Kuwait).

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  1. Saf says:

    Mark & Nat,
    I would be cool if you guys could advertise the (rare) events and happenings / gathering happening around town. This city is in dire need for entertainment and social activity. Thanks for the blogs.


  2. Sara says:

    Why are you selling it?

  3. Mark says:

    well i am trying to get rid of stuff i don’t use that much. i have a habbit of buying stuff and then shoving them in the closet. Believe it or not i am too lazy to press a button on the roomba to have it clean the room. once they come out with a version that cleans everyday at a certain time without me interefering will get that :)

  4. rampurple says:

    you’re selling the roomba i got for you?!
    for KD50????

    why do i always have to read about these stuff on ur blog?!

  5. fadibou says:

    Mark, how could you sell your sister’s gift to you !!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@???????????
    My brother got me a Nokia 9500 for my bday, anyone wants to buy ?????

  6. ramin says:

    ill buy it

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