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the machinist

Yesterday night I watched the movie The Machinist which stars Christian Bale (Batman Begins, American Psycho). I am not that big a fan of Christian Bale but he is a cool actor. So anyway when the movie started I spent the first 5 minutes trying to figure out if the actor we were watching was or wasn’t Christian Bale. It was incredible, Bale was like incredibly skinny, like you can see every single bone on his back and chest. Turns out for the movie he went down from 86KG down to 58! The guy is really fucking crazy, he is such an incredible actor for being that dedicated to the part. The movie was also great, there was some suspense at times which I usually hate but overall the movie with the ending was truly something. If you can get a hold of the movie definitely get it. Here is a link with pictures from the movie where you can see how skinny he was. [Link]

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  1. Sara says:

    Goodness!!! He is so skinny, alright. I have seen the trailor and it looked so good. I love suspense movies. I totally have to check it out!

  2. holla says:

    i watched whe it came out, it was kinda predictable after a while but still fantastic. the tunnel scene is fucking awesome.

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