Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City on Discovery Channel

Post by Mark

This Friday Discovery Channel will be airing an episode of Building the Impossible that will feature Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City. I don’t recall ever hearing about Sea City and looking at the aerial shot above, it seems like a pretty humongous project. No idea what time they’ll be airing the episode but you can watch the trailers on the Masahati blog [Here]

Update: Here is the project on Google Maps [Link]

Update2: Here are the timings for Discovery Channel. The show was shot in HD but the below schedule is for SD.

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  1. Hielda says:

    Is it gonna really turn to reality or they will fight at the National Assembly & call the whole thing off !!!!!!?????? Now that is the question

  2. Venq says:

    I heard the water smells like shit because of lack of proper water circuation.

    • says:

      We have a Sahleh there, and the water is actually great!!!

      i cant help it not to swim there. try to go there, and see how many boats are there having fun and water sking.

      Also, they made it in a way that there is water in there throughout the year, which is extreamly nice

    • Fahad says:

      Nah nah nah!!! The water is crystal clear and smells better than you. We must present facts in here. We are spreading rumor without getting facts.

  3. Saad says:

    properties are on sale already. There are little resorts even and u can rent a weekend.

  4. Mish says:

    Won’t surprise me if it smells awful, nobody seems to pay attention to sea water circulation when developing these schemes. I only hope it doesn’t come out smelling like the palms in Dubai.

    • Tizoc says:

      Mish, you dont have to go that far. Drive by salwa, it already smells like shit.

      on a side note, If you go to google maps, abu dhabi, on one of the nearby islands, some guy actaully dregded out the name HAMAD. Its huge, but the thing is, its spelled upside down when read from above. AOooooo

    • Dubaiqueen says:

      Like the Palms in Dubai?? I live there and my neighborhood does not smell and I have proper garbage collection with recycling options and they grate the beach in front of my home daily. Kuwait smells to high heaven and if you dare step foot in the water off the Kuwait shores, you may contract cancer. Miles of difference between the government in the UAE and here, one if productive and one is stagnated.

    • Fahad says:

      Mish, an intelligent person won’t believe with a rumor without inquiring about the facts. So you are choosing between the 2. Are you clever or not? Maybe the lagoon water in that project is safer to drink than the bottled water you are drinking everyday. The water quality is getting tested in a daily basis about the salinity, ph levels and etc. It is being monitored in a daily basis. Yes you read it right daily basis.

      • Mish says:

        Fahad, What rumour? Seriously i don’t know what you see when you read my posts, you clearly didn’t read it right. I believe at no point did i state it smells in Kuwait’s sea city, i only said i hope it doesn’t. I never said it isn’t being monitored, i am glad it is. So don’t generate rumours. And as for saying the palms in Dubai smelling, that is no rumour. That was from a personal visit and in my opinion it smells. So i ask you are you clever or not???

    • Ian Williams says:

      Rather than speculate why don’t you come and see. The circulation is computer modelled by 2 independent agencies and then checked post construction. The water quality is the same as the Gulf.

  5. : l says:

    Mmm…. kinda reminds me of Palms in dubai not enough water circulation… so would have the same effect of it being smelly…. and would you really want to be in place that is full of people…. jetskis and what not… the whole point of a chalet is to be alone from everyone else….

  6. Mark says:

    I read somewhere that Dubai’s “The World” is sinking. Let me find that article

  7. blackswan says:

    Well the project is still ongoing actually (working on phase 3). Phase 1 & 2 are done.
    Initially was called Al Khiran Pearl City.
    if you are looking for more info here’s the link:

  8. Venq says:

    Also would have been nice if it actually looked like something from above.. at the moment it looks like a fishbone on top of human intestines.

  9. Trazx says:

    interesting didn’t even know about this project, …lets see where they take it

  10. Marzouq says:

    I thought it was Al Khiran Pearl or Lo’lo Al Khairan! Not Sabah Al Ahmed Sea City! That just sounds like a crappy sea park!

    The water isn’t bad from the last time I was there, I’m planning to go into the lagoon this weekend and see how it is!

  11. ABdul says:

    How can a country do a major project and no one knows about it, I find that odd? Now an outside source is doing a TV segment on it and many of the people here don’t know about it? It is very far and I think few people would want to travel there, but if it is done properly, then people might make the trek.Something to do, I guess. Maybe they need to market it better?

    • Venq says:

      We do know about it.. but it’s been a long time since there was any news on it (years) that we forgot about it.

    • ucf says:

      \lol .. whos no one .. apparently you dont go out of your house .. people have shalaihs there for a long long time .. and whats far ?? lol nothing is far in Kuwait .. cant you drive for 45 mins or so ?? lol and not much more marketing is needed .. nearly all are sold .. you do your research :P

  12. zaydoun says:

    Sea City… top marks for originality! What a dumbass name

    • ahmad says:

      idiot , on the opposite side of the road is a gov housing resident called sabah al ahmad

      learn about this country before talking shit

  13. rob says:

    It is on a very stupid place since there is a power plant north of the area. When I was there last time I couldn’t breath from the smoke coming from the power plant…

    • Fahad says:

      Hey rob, your name suits you well. You are robbing the facts. I know you haven’t been there. The air in the project is safer than that you are inhaling everyday in your city apartment. The congestion, traffic, pollution from your place is much much worse than that in the powerplant. The powerplant emits smoke from hundreds of feet above. I will repeat hundreds of feet above. So even if you are residing on the powerplant, I can assure that you won’t inhale the smoke because by law of science if you know it, the smoke is lighter than the air we are breathing. So the smoke being emitted from hundreds of feet will fly directly to the atmosphere. Common sense will tell you, the smoke being emitted by your car, by your neighbors car, and from your kitchen would kill you first before the powerplant smoke which emits smoke from high altitude above. Peace

  14. Kuwaity says:

    We bought a property there and I know at least 7 people already own a property or more there. Almost all the lands are already sold so no need for marketing. The name of the city has changed twice and finally became Subah Al Ahmad sea city because the prince of Kuwait who made the decision to go for construction while the parliament was against the idea for years.

    From my experince there is no smell there, and too many people are there and didn’t hear anyone said something about bad smell. Also, Al Marzoq signed a contract with a French company to take care of water circulation.

    That city will be too crowded in few years, if you want to invest, or simply want a sea house go and find one now!

    One final word, the noise and air pollution is too high and will increase in the future. Why? boats are already making a lot of noise and Al Zour power station stack is sending too much smoke in the air plus a second power station will be constructed near the existing one and finally the fourth refinery will be constructed in al Zour and it will be one of the biggest refineries in the world.

  15. rob says:

    I just checked it in google earth and the smoke can be seen on the image as it is coming towards the “Sea City” from the power plant. What were they thinking? Would the people miss the air pollution leaving the the city for the weekend? :)))

  16. Hamad says:

    I’ve been there many times and swam in the water. The circulation is perfect and there is no smell. In fact, you’d think the water would be warm but its not at all. The beaches have no rocks/stones and the water is fresh and cool.
    Lots of projects are being built there and business seems to be booming. Every time I go back, there are more chalets/projects being built.
    I’m surprised that a lot of people on here didn’t already know about it.

  17. Ali K says:

    I will participate in future productions to this project. It’s such an honor to have even a slight fingerprint on a Discovery channel product.

  18. Ahmad says:

    Thats been around for ages where have u beeen ???

  19. Fahad says:

    You talk too much without watching the documentary first. You’ll be amazed with the engineering they have done on this project. Those who are claiming that the water smells bad, it’s a big bs. Watch the documentary to see how they managed to flush the water out of the arabian gulf without any mechanical pump. It all works with the help of natural forces. High tide & low tide principles. Watch it! I bet you will all be amazed. You will be proud that you were born on this country and this sea city belongs to us. Peace!

  20. b says:

    Bioshock anyone?

  21. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    Funny you said you never heard about it. There were billboards up everywhere during the construction of it about 4 years ago. My mom came to visit 2 years ago and I took her out there and showed her the cannals that were already in place. Bad place to put it though with that power plant nearby. who would want to have family photos with clouds of toxic smoke in the background anyways?!

  22. MR. PETE says:

    MR PETE here, The REALIST.

    Well guys,

    I think the marketing this sea city is doing is pathetic, because they build this resort is an environmentally unstable area.

    Who ever said its a good investment knows nothing about business. First off, the real estate market in Kuwait in already inflated. So you inital purchase is a cheat. If you notice, we have the highest price per meter squared in the world. Second, the project is build near 2 power plants which is a disaster waiting to happen. You only need to test the water coming out of the fossil to see the damage. Third, I sure the dump for this project is probably going to a landfill near by. Fourth, the exposed electrical towers on the high way will only increase the electric pulses that your brain reads.

    A good Investment.. far from it.. in fact real estate in Kuwait is the worst investment anyone can make, because you are paying for something that not really there. A crash is bound to happen and prices will plummet in 30 years.

    • Fahad says:

      Mr.Pete, have you been there? Do you think that the owner of the project would invest such big amounts of money without hiring the best engineers in this universe? Consultants from UK studied the Kuwait condition and of course including that area where sea city is being built. Now, Should I believe you? Before you open you mouth, try at least read about the project before commenting negative things. That for sure will enlighten you. Peace.

  23. Kuwaity says:

    Well, prices already gone up 30 % . Second it is not dumping, it is digging ( this is opposite of Palms project). Third, power plants will run on ultra low sulfur fuels after commissioning of clean fuels project in KNPC refineries. fourth gas will be utilized in power plants, so the smoke you see today will be mostly CO2 and H2O. And high tension lines are close to few properties only not all of them, also there is a project to remove all transmission lines and replace them with under ground cables.
    Finally most Kuwaites don’t care about health and safety!

  24. Mathai says:

    This area has been under development for quite a while. I believe one of you earlier posts was also in the same area.

  25. Rehab says:

    I posted about this in my blog about a week ago with 2 pdf’s.
    But my blog isnt so famous :P !

  26. bojamal says:

    prices will plummet in 30 years .. wow what a prediction pete can you be my financial analyist and advisor

  27. Kuwaiti woman says:

    I don’t like those environmentally invasive projects!! Why are they building these crazy mega projects when we lack proper education and the mail still can’t reach your neighbor in kuwait yet? why we don’t have proper driving and police schools that teaches both the rules and proper driving when thousands are dying every year or having permanent handicap because of accidents?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe most of the comments haven’t heard about this project before

  29. Ben says:

    @ Kuwaiti Woman
    Environmentally invasive?? really? Have you even watched the documentary ?

  30. Connection says:

    Seriously? This is the first time you have heard of this?

  31. ucf says:

    ive been going there for years .. no bad smell at all .. sucks that the coastal guards are banning jet skis and water sports inside (wake boarding, skiing etc.) makes sense though.

  32. Kuwaiti woman says:

    these projects depend on artificial circulation by power pumps that are fed by power only when we have the oil, what will happen 50 years from now? have you been around the Marina mall when pumps are out of order or under maintenance?

  33. Now I’m very much convinced that most people just love to go and play the negative part on so many topics, either big or small. STOP playing the “I know everything and talk about everything” card. There is no shame if you can’t provide factual, accurate information on the project.

    FACT: I work with the company and saw this project evolving year by year.

    We all call for projects to be happening in Kuwait (Al-Hareer City, Failika Island project … etc) and now when a REAL BIG PROJECT is really happening and on the verge of completion, some people just go on and present BS info without backing it up. (Water smells, no water circulation … etc)

    This is by far, the best project to be happening in Kuwait in the last two decades.

    • Fahad says:

      Absolutely! Most people loves to say negative things when they themselves claimed that this is their first time to hear about the project or claimed that they don’t know anything about the project and yet you’ll be surprised with the bunch of negative comments. Funny isn’t it?

    • Some of us have gotten used to all the haters who put down anything and everything going on in Kuwait.

  34. Fahad says:

    People talks too much about negative things without any knowledge of the project. Irony to think that most of them will tell that they heard the project for the first time and yet they will tell more bad things when they themselves claimed that they don’t have any idea about the project. What is happening in Kuwait? Wake up. We must be proud of this project. This will be our trademark to the world. Most of you will change views after watching these documentaries. 2 episodes from Jul – August 2011. Kuwaiti woman are you sure about the power pumps? I bet you will disappear after watching the first episode about Sea City. You will just disappear because you open your mouth without knowing anything. Present facts not rumor. Please.

    Remove the negative vibes surrounding us. Please watch the documentary first before putting allegations on this wonderful project! Peace

  35. MR. PETE says:

    This project is purely business, it tough to say its making the environment better or safe. It is very innovative, but as a citizen, it is of no value to me. The world is perfect the way it was created. Man does not need to alter it, in my opinion. We have already destroyed our coast line terribly.

    This was an outsourced project with a money making incentive.

    This project is the last thing we need in Kuwait.

    No one with any bit of logic would invest or buy a vacation house with the current economy set up and inflation within the real estate market. With that money any sane person would rather have a quite cottage in Europe somewhere, away from the commotion we have to deal with on a daily basis.

    The one thing I find positive in this project is its engineering and its proximity to Saudi. This project will probably have large Saudi investment.

    The only thing that is ground breaking is its engineering.

    I like living in Kuwait, because their is personal privacy in executing an idea, unlike the western world. In terms of ideas, its really an open market.

    However, I see it has turned into a money crazed culture with large monopoly enterprises and inflated prices. With the fall of the dollar, the gap has widened even more. In addition the level of malpractice in Kuwait is severely high. This is the reason many of us jump to conclusions about this project. It hard to come by an honest business, so we are pre-wired to speculate and scrutinize

    Self made people are a minority in this country which largely effects the innovative ideas, as they are the major contributor.

    What we are left with are cliche people who open up generic business’ that degrade and devalue the people are around us.

    Examples are restaurants, cup cakes, fashion boutiques, franchises, human trafficking, and the other services that are used to launch their operation.

    Hopefully, people can invent ideas to improve the country and assist in its restructuring to become a livable state.

    We should really start planning as alternative fuel sources are becoming a reality.

    Is there going to be a school in the sea city, a university?

    Good luck, PETE

    • Fahad says:

      Mr. Pete, The project actually created a habitat by stretching the coastline to few hundreds of additional coastline. The project has the opposite idea as compared to The Palm whereas the Palm reclaim kilometers of the gulf sea which is completely the opposite of the Sea City idea wherein the Sea City dug a lagoon inside the muddy desert of Khiran (Useless area we can say) and they let the water flow inside without the use of mechanical pump. The water flows by itself courtesy of our beloved nature – the high and low tide principle. Police station, fire station, restaurants, schools, hospitals and everything that you will find in the city will be constructed also in Sea City. It’s not a city then without it. The masterplan of the project is to create a CITY. Yes they are constructing a city from muddy area that nobody would believe that a city can be constructed there.

  36. mnfear says:

    Its near out Shaleeh :D ! i saw it on google maps :) AWESOME !!!

  37. b. says:

    shaku alshaya is opening pinkberry in selfridges?:p its not them who are opening it.. the link you have there didnt mention anything about kuwait or alshaya.. i was at selfridges a couple of days ago and saw the “opening soon” sign. bas i still dont get why alshaya would open it there.. theyre supposed to open stuff iN kuwait:p

  38. b. says:

    woops sorry wrong post.

  39. Catherine says:

    We’ve been down to ‘Khiran’ ‘Sabah sea city’ – (Khiran is easier)a few times, the water is lovely and turquoise and no rocks and certainly doesn’t smell. I found the first documentary fascinating and looking forward to the second. The downside is that we have never found any amenities like toilets or a shop but maybe we haven’t been going to the right place? I am also interested in renting a chalet for the weekend but cannot find any information about it. It’s not always easy to phone as I don’t speak Arabic and people don’t understand my western accent :)

  40. esz says:

    Been searching everywhere to download episode 1, but failed to find it. Does anyone has any idea where to find it? Thank you !!!

  41. ZwaiZ says:

    any links of the episodes?

  42. Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City
    is first and largest project hails entirely by the private sector, in fulfillment of the aspirations of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah to transform Kuwait a financial and commercial center and work to accelerate the economy and strengthen the role of the private sector in supporting economic development .

    Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City is located in the Lagoons area south of the State of Kuwait and named after the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah .

    Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City Consists of five stages: first phase A1, second phase A2 , third phase A3 , fourth phase A4 , fifth phase A5

    The city of Sabah Al Ahmad Marine pursuant culturally distinct is not at the level of the region but in the world Faalanjaz achieved not only limited to the establishment of an integrated city on the land was marsh unfit for building but is characterized by using the latest findings of modern science in the creation of cities , in addition to natural and environmental advantages of the city design provides additional attractions the city was divided into segments interspersed with rivers make it more like Venice industrial Kuwait and contain integrated services :

    Beaches, mosques, schools, Marsa, Center, Center fire naval, coast guard center, pedestrian corridors, housing vouchers, coupons commercial, industrial plots, public parks, mangrove islands .

  43. Arvin says:

    Guys if you have not watched the episodes yet you can watch it here.

    I think this was build by La’ala owned by Mr. Fawaz Al Marzouq. This is good for Kuwait history.

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