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Shake Shack > Pinkberry

Does Marina Mall really need another Pinkberry? If it was me I’d open up Shake Shack in that location. The space is large enough to have indoor seating and in the winter there would be plenty of room to enjoy burgers outside in the open.

Update: Alshaya are opening Pinkberry in Selfridges! [Link]

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cuz its ppl like you we’re ranked up there for obesity … you think we need a shake shack at marina? pinkberry is a healthier choice

I’m not going to leave Kuwait because you can’t handle your burgers. Do what I do, eat healthy all week and have all the burgers you want over the weekend.

Pinkberry is a blob of sugar. It’s people like you that think consuming a blob of sugar is “healthy” because someone told them it is that make Kuwait ranked up there for obesity.

*Gets frozen sugar yogurt, covers it with chocolate pieces, high fat nuts, high sugar fruits* IT’S HEALTHY GUYS

FYI a large chocolate pinkberry with NO TOPPINGS is about 500 calories and with toppings, especially the ones people put in Kuwait can easily reach 700+. And that’s no protein, basically 700 useless calories. Shake shack burgers are closer to 500 and at least Protein is useful for your body.

BUT I DON’T TAKE CHOCOLATE I TAKE THE ORIGINAL WITH NO TOPPINGS oh ok let’s have a look at the ingredient list:

Nonfat milk, sugar, cultured pasteurized nonfat milk with live and active cultures, contains less than 2%: cultured nonfat milk powder, fructose, dextrose, natural flavors, citric acid, guar gum, maltodextrin, mono-and diglycerides, starch

Milk has sugar. The most common ingredient after that is lol, more sugar. Hmm some pasteurized sugar, fructose and dextrose both MORE SUGARS. In case you didn’t know ingredients are listed from most to least used so yeah, have fun consuming your “healthy” blob of sugar.

Hamad, no one is forcing you to visit Shake Shack or any other fattening fast food joint. As much of a hamburger nazi Mark is, he should be allowed to have an opinion without people telling him to leave the country….jeez. That’s just scary.

I think you are getting it wrong, the local people are obese , cause they lack the knowledge and awareness that fast and junk food should be taken in moderation and also not gobble up all the hormone and steroid filled chicken.

The choice is upto you to NOT EAT JUNK !!

Mark posting about junk food and fad in Kuwait does not mean you have to follow it !

Local people open these outlets to make money and there is a sucker born

you mad? It’s peoples laziness and improper diet plan that makes them obese and unhealthy. Don’t blame burger places.

seriously lol @ your comment. “if i were u id leave kuwait .. who do u think you are.. remember, you are a foreigner after all”

If I had the power, I’d fill your neighborhood with burger places.

Dude, you need some mental health counseling. GTFO because he prefers Shake Shack to Pinkberry… LOL! That’s some comedy gold.

wow, that’s just bigotry at its finest isn’t? Any where else in the world Mark would be a citizen, but I guess ppl like you make him glad he’s not…too sad.

Really Mark – how can you go around thinking you are allowed an opinion ?-who do you think you are ?Some of the comments are priceless LOL 😀

What to understand the Kuwait restaurant scene? Think of foreign restaurants as Pokemon (yes, Pokemon). Now, local restaurant owners are people who want to collect restaurants/ Pokemon. And as the tag line goes, Gotta catch em all!

By my counts Al Shaya is winning in terms of count. Who has Pikachu you ask? Well Pikachu is McDonalds so the local agents have Pikachu. Do you think it is a coincidence that Pikachu, like McDonalds, is red and white?

Guys hamad is a well known troll. Shouldn’t rise to his easy bait lol.

Yea I would mind another shake shack since the one in avenues is too busy.

So because he doesn’t share your opinion you call him a troll??

what does that make you then??!!

i just think its funny how much food you talk about, in general. No need for everyone to get protective over mark now. But if all the money and attention that has been directed towards food was diverted to, lets say a KICK ASS theme park, a car track, proper sea resort with sea sports and activities, maybe within the next 2-3 generations, our youth will start worrying about what kind of moves they can perform on a wakeboard rather than what toppings they are going to get on their (high sugar content not really fat free frozen yogurt). this country is going nowhere at this pace.
and mark i hope you’re advertising for shake shack out of preference not cause of the fact that they pay you for that space on the side banner of, cause that would be real cheap!

The reason everyone got defensive is because he told him to LEAVE the country. Hearing such things from a (I’m guessing) citizen towards a foreign worker isn’t very easy on the ears. I could care less about what he posts here but to insult someone by asking them to leave the country isn’t appropriate and I’m sure it doesn’t represent the nature of the locals here.

unfortunately it does! lets not deny the way the majority treat the foreigners in kuwait. Its disgusting to say the least. He did not have the right to say such a thing, and most definitely not when it comes to a person expressing themselves on their own website. But what to do? its the majority of the population that are self-centered! and you cant change everyone! thats why i decided not to live here anymore.
have you ever seen a kuwaiti working anywhere but in an office that you would never visit? im talking about the shake shack, the pinkberry, and all your favorite places! what would happen to them without foreign labor mister so self righteous ?
you take the saying “ignorance is bliss” to a whole new level tbh!

you sound really bitter…

& it’s very ignorant to generalise the “majority” population with your claims cuz they are simply not true??

Can i ask you where you’re from?
If you’re not embarrassed to answer..!

i wrote a really wrong reply but realized that was the arrogant person in me ! soo
ok 🙂 suite yourself ! im not kuwaiti, im kuwaiti, whatever makes happy!

the 2nd shake shack will be in al-bairaq in Fintas. I think we should wait along time to see the 3rd branch in kuwait .. since usa so far has only 4 or 5 branches ..

I think opening a Pinkberry there has more to do with meeting a target number of branches set by the franchise, than with what the location really needs. Same thing Alshaya did with Starbucks shops. How many do we have in the avenues again?

i concur with your theory … Pinkberry is a fast pace concept, different market than a burger joint would cater to, in general. But don’t worry, I’m sure more Shake Shacks are on the way 🙂

why would the us even care to get shake shack, we have steak & shake which is superior, besides the burger was invented in the usa and there are awesome mom & pop places all over the us selling burgers.

Hamad you are very rude and a shame on Kuwaiti people… who do you think YOU ARE telling people to stay or to leave? do you think you are better than others? well if you then let me share this with you: IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD GROW UP .

Why do you even react to stupid comments ? You have dumb asses all over the world. Why is it a shocker ?

That’s the best comment I’ve heard. There’s no reason to let some kid turn you into a victim. While it may increase the comment count on the post, the comments end up unrelated to the topic and disappointing. Why don’t you moderate after the fact? Just delete his comment as it makes very little sense and isn’t expressed with genuine intentions. Maala daa3y kil hal drama.

with regarding your update.. where does it say that ALSHAAYA is opening pinkberry in Selfridges? Selfridges is not a mall nor he owns it

I don’t think he has anything to do in UK at all.. it’s like saying alshaya is opening Starbucks there! companies normally do not give worldwide franchise , europe rights is different than the middle east

WOW! weird.. probably those guys behind pinkberry do not know know that the middle east market is such “bo habba” o thought it’s alshaya’s business model :p

yes i agree for the shack shake, as yesterday i went to the Avenues was empty at 2 PM use to be full of hungry ppl but as i get closer to shack shake this is what i saw ( no place where to sit and some ppl are standing eating and more waiting to order) can’t post the pic i took

Have you been to either Pinkberry or Shake Shack because their prices are very similar to Red Mango and Johnny Rockets.

What’s great about Kuwait is we have a CHOICE. You can stick to Johnny Rockets if you want or you could burger hop like me from one place to another. It’s a matter of choice and that’s what’s important.

shaku alshaya is opening pinkberry in selfridges?:p its not them who are opening it.. the link you have there didnt mention anything about kuwait or alshaya.. i was at selfridges a couple of days ago and saw the “opening soon” sign. bas i still dont get why alshaya would open it there.. theyre supposed to open stuff in kuwait:p

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