Salem Al Mubarak Street Progress

Post by Mark

Back in September, they announced that part of Salem Al Mubarak Street was going to be turned into pedestrian only. I took the video above this morning right outside my apartment building to show you the current status, and as you can see the project has progressed considerably since my last post on the street.

Salmiya street progress

My biggest issue with the project was that they had killed 25 trees on that street that had been there for over 50 years. They’ve now planted new palm trees instead which although is a nice gesture, palm trees just don’t offer any shade and can’t house as many birds as the older trees did. I really wished they had managed to keep those older trees.

Salmiya street progress

In any case, the street is starting to shape up and I think they’re trying to have everything done by February 25th which right now seems unattainable.

But, a new issue is starting to pop up and that is gentrification. Because the street is getting fixed up, the value of real estate around it is also going up. My rent was already slightly increased since my building is suddenly now in a prime location, people are also now bidding on the empty stores in my building which previously nobody wanted. I’d really really hate it if my apartment rent goes up to the point where I’ll be priced out and be forced to move.

On the bright side, they haven’t sorted the parking issue in the area. Parking in my neighborhood has always been historically terrible and now they’ve gone and removed all the parking spots on the main street without adding any new ones. With this street facelift, we’re now going to have even a higher influx of people come into the area than before, so the parking situation will be even worse which is kinda great for me. Hopefully this parking mess is going to help keep the popularity of the area down to a reasonable level, which in return should keep my rent at a reasonable level.

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  1. LOL I called it when you first posted about it.

    Gentrification has reached these shores!

  2. Buzz says:

    I don’t know what it is with this country and palm trees. They are useless as street ornamentation for the reasons Mark mentioned plus they are not the greenest of plants and they are high maintenance. That’s why we see so many of them dead around highways. Trees that bear fruit belong in a farm not the streets.

    • Kuwait says:

      But it is Arabia, tourists want to feel they are in Arabia with palms, dates and camels.

    • me like salmiya says:

      There should be a reason for taking off those trees, i dont justify their removal though.

      The place is getting converted to a walkway like place with a lot of coffee shops and open restaurants coming up; if that’s the case…Trees + Birds + Bird Shit….will be a bad combination…

      If you look at it Palm Trees are not bird friendly..

  3. So2al says:

    I hear theres a plan to increase FDI into the country.. if that is the case then a real estate purchase here may be in your future (should you want it)

  4. Yazi says:

    It doesn’t seem like a big improvement to be honest. And yes, palm trees hardly give any shade. They’re pretty useless.

  5. Lamoun says:

    Now if they could turn this place around into something of a pedesterianised Santa Monica style boulevard would be something else! It’s going to take more than knocking off the ghastly Salam Mall and Lulu hypermarket to restore Salem Mubarak street to the pristine glory of the 70s and 80s.
    Dream on.

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