Salmiya is a Garbage Dump

If pictures weren’t enough to show you how bad things are in Salmiya, here is a video of the garbage dump right outside my apartment building.

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I recommend you take it down. You’ll probably get a ticket for driving while using a cell phone instead of Ministry of municipality caring about the garage situation

This what we have reached unfortunately.

Recording a disaster? Instead of mobilizing resources to deal with the disaster, resources get mobilized to gag whoever recorded it and distributed it.

Person do obscene stuff in the public? This is considered freedom of expression (!). Stating your opinion about what you have just witnessed in public would be considered slandering and you will be gagged!

This is what happens when we import advisers and prosecutors from our fellow Arab dictatorships. The law is no longer there to protect, but to oppress and limit the freedom of expression.


Back in the days I remember we’d talk about politics and our reality in public freely while sitting in cafes and restaurants. Now even this comment online is a risky thing to do. Sad.

I think you should reconsider all the trash disposed. I encourage you to decrease your trash by reusing all of this wasted material. Imagine how much this would help the environment.

I might be wrong, but I think it’s not all Baladiya’s (Municipality) fault to be expected to collect all that trash for just a small block of an area.

People just consume and litter way too much here in Kuwait, considering how cheap is food and groceries, and the lack of strict laws or tax on plastic.

Again, I’m not justifying this mess. I just think, the issue is caused by more dimensions than just “Baladiya is not collecting enough trash everyday”.

…But it is…

Government resources are expected to clean the streets.. sometimes twice a day. It’s really not that hard. Some people just don’t know how to do their jobs (and I’m talking about the public sector officials responsible for the district/waste management).

It’s embarrassing and filthy.

I think its about EVERYTHING. Its about baladiya workers doing a proper job of clearing up the entire trash, its about more waste bins in proportion to the garbage collected, its about better management- multiple waste collection trips, its about citizens having better civic sense by not littering around the waste bins and it is ALSO about reducing consumption, especially of environmentally hazardous plastic and packing material

emailed them, they fixed and responded proffesionally with the below:

Dear Mark

Thanks for bringing to our notice that the video is yours. After verifying the timing of your post and video sent to us from one of the readers indeed there was a gap of over 10 hrs.

Besides removing the watermark we have now given credit to you and linked it to your website and twitter account.

Thank you once again, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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