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Cheap Place to Develop 35mm Film

If you still shoot with 35mm film then you know how difficult it is to find a place that can still develop film and how expensive it is. Previously I’ve recommended Ashkanani in Salmiya as an option but because of the cost of chemicals, they tend to wait until there are multiple film rolls and then batch develop them all together. This means the process could take a week or a month, you never know but they’re also expensive charging KD10+ per roll.

But, a few days ago I was at Souk Al Watiya behind Sheraton Hotel in the city and spotted a small store that still had a 35mm film development machine. The place charges KD2.5 to develop a roll and then 100fils per photo print. This means a roll of 36 shots would cost you around KD6. Not only is it cheaper than Ashkanani but they’ll also develop them quicker for you since they have no problem developing a single roll of film at a time.

If you’re looking for a place to develop film then this is a good alternative to Ashkanani. The store doesn’t have a name but it’s on the ground floor of Souk Al Watiya near one of the exits. Here is the location of the complex on Google Maps.

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There is place even cheaper that still develop the films, Located in murgab, mawash tower inside the complex. building next to uae exchange.

I generally shoot B&W and develope at home which is more economical. However, I’ve developed a roll of C41 a couple of months ago at Ashraf Quortoba Co-Op mall and IIRC it was KD2. They give you the roll back and you’d have to cut and file them. I used to give them a film sleeves before and they’d cut and file the negatives for me.

Finally!! thank you – Ashkannai were useless, always turned me away.

I went to Quortoba Co-Op to get my medium format roll developed only – No scans. They don’t have a scanner for that size, any idea if this place does?

Oh, I guess the Ministry of Commerce might storm his store and close it, since there is no name for that store! You might harm that place, Mark! 🙁

Thanks for all the info about getting roll film developed but, does anyone know where I can actually BUY roll film here? Unfortunately I damaged my DSLR last December and have had to rely on the camera on my iPhone but it doesn’t do what I want to do. Any suggestions anyone?

i heard laqta had film rolls with a great variety. They also sell used film cameras! Outwest has good selection of film rolls as well. I would also suggest you try Alhuhallab mall.

I found the place. Unfortunately, the store is already close, permanently. I was told the owner comes here everyday, I’ll wait for him here for a couple of minutes. I’ll give you guys an update if they just transferred somewhere.

If you guys know any place that develops film, I’d really appreciate it. 😭

I don’t know if my first comment will be posted. Apparently the shop is just under renovation, but the owner still accepts rolls to develop. Same price, 2.5 KD charge to develop a roll and 100 fils per print. I’ll get mine after 4 days. Theyre just under renovation so I think it will be a lot quicker when they reopen. 🙂 I hope this helps

Hi guys, been looking for a place to develop my 120 rolls. Like the above poster, I had no luck with Ashkanani/Bushahri who’ve moved entirely to digital. Can somebody confirm whether Ashraf in Qortuba mall are still able to develop medium format rolls? I have a DSLR scanning rig set up at home so I’m not worried about the lack of a dedicate lab scanner. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, i have read this and i decided to go to qurtoba and develop there bad thing i didn’t check on what chemicals they have the two rolls i shot require ECN-2 chemicals and i need to develop them asap as i shot them in the past week

Okay so hear me out , i have recently discovered the app Outwest they sell a lot of cool stuff but the thing i was really excited to find out is that they develop films for you and take it from your doorstep and send you the pictures by email so you literally do not have to go anywhere it coasts 3.5 for a film roll and it takes 2-3 days only. Hope this is helpful to anyone ❤️

Outwest seem cool based on their instagram but sadly they don’t have a website just an app so I can’t check them out and don’t want to have to download an app just to browse their store.

Ashkanani_Studio next to Rumaithiya co-op develop C-41 film. Not the same Ashkanani that is in Old Salmiya.

I just got back my first roll of 120 colour negatives from them. I havn’t scanned them yet but I’m hoping they do a slightly better job than at the Qortobu co-op, where several negatives came back with blotchy colours, in which the Developer-Blix-Stabilizer solutions looked like they hadn’t been mixed properly.


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