New Favorite Restaurant: Ghadeer al Bahrain

Ghadeer al Bahrain isn’t a new place, it’s actually been open for around 30 years now yet I only recently found out about it. The place is even located very close to where I live so I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard about it until now. Ghadeer is a small hole in the wall restaurant serving super tiny meat skewers of different kinds. So far I’ve been there a few times and I think we’re averaging 15-18 skewers per person. I’ve tried their meat tikka, kebab, chicken tikka, and heart skewers and they’ve all been really good but my favorites are definitely the meat tikka and kebab.

The price of a skewer is 150fils which means mixing and matching is very doable (and more fun). Because of their size, the skewers also don’t take very long to be grilled so you can order as you go as I tend to do. There is indoor and outdoor seating but this place isn’t anything fancy, so manage your expectations before you get there.

Ghadeer al Bahrain is located in Salmiya and you can find it on Google Maps. They’re also on instagram @ghadeeralbahrain

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No they’re different, they’re also better. Malik Al MAshwiyat is Iraqi style and is not juicy, these are more Irani style and so are juicier. These are also around a 1/3 of the size.

Try Muharraq Suwaikhat in Amman Street. Its always crowded (MashaAllah). Small but fancy and the price is much higher than the classic Bahraini Mashwiyat.

There is another old one in Hawally called Dana Al Bahrain behind Al Nogra Complex. Price is cheap.

This looks just like مطعم دانة البحرين / Danathul Bahrain in Hawally, also a decades old hole-in-the – wall serving similar dishes. And good ones.

Yea this place is like walking distance for me. Really great kebabs.Been recommending this place to all my friends and everyone loves it.

A decade ago I lived bang opposite this place and never once bothered to check their menu…well currently am not too far away from this place. Gotta try it sometime!

Check the location on the Maps buddy!

So if you’re coming from the 5th Ring Road towards the Shara’a Amman roundabout take the third exit and drive approx 300 metres until you see a Pizza Hut on the left. Go a little ahead and there’s a T-junction where you will spot this restaurant…
There’s a smallish parking ground next to it…

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