Saving Kuwait’s Heritage #hadam

Post by Mark


I just got back from the protest outside the original Chamber of Commerce and Industry building and I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed. There were only around 30 people there mostly consisting of young Kuwaiti architects which makes me wonder, where was everyone else? I know a lot more than just 30 people care about saving Kuwait’s architectural heritage but they just weren’t there.

I was kinda joking around with a friend that maybe if there was valet more people would show up but I’m starting to think that it might have actually attracted more people. In any case the owner of the building was there and he actually wants to preserve the building but the baladiya only gave approval on demolishing and not refurbishing. Too much politics, but hopefully this is going to get solved and the building will be saved. But even if this building is saved today, there will still be more that need saving tomorrow.

Photo on top by @jassamino

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  1. So the protest saved it? wont be demolished?

  2. FYI says:

    don’t you know to get people to show up there’s got to be free food preferably burgers.

  3. Buzz says:

    The other 10,000 protesters are sitting at their rental, two bedroom apartment waiting 20+ years for government housing to shelter their families. The last thing on their mind is the old building where rich families grandfathers had their Diwaniya.

    • a says:

      This is our heritage

      It’s bad enough that ALL of Kuwait’s buildings from the pre-oil era has been DEMOLISHED. If you go to Sharq and Jebla, you won’t see any pre-oil buildings

      The government has been intentionally trying to ERASE our identity. Even Dubai and Bahrain have more pre-oil buildings than Kuwait.

  4. the real says:

    I think we should also demonstrate and try to keep our beautiful Airport in tact….

    oh wait.

  5. 3azeez says:

    they’re also taking down parts of old souq… سوق السلاح

  6. Maniac says:

    Historical building from 60s? LOL

  7. meh says:

    Yeah let’s keep kuwait looking like the 60’s and then complain about not looking like dubai.

    • Mark says:

      Now you’re just trolling. By your logic we should demolish all the buildings in Paris as well because they make it look outdated.

      • meh says:

        No by my logic you demolish ugly deserted buildings from the 60s. Parisian buidlsings hundreds and hundreds of years old. The fact that somebody approached UNESCO for this piece of crap is a total joke.

        • Mark says:

          Your logic is flawed because if went by it Kuwait wouldn’t have any historical buildings, they would all be demolished. Your logic dictates that a historical building must be really old but age isn’t the only thing that makes a building historic.

        • Sumsang says:

          meh, +10000000000

  8. Mariam says:

    There SHOULD be a historical committee that declares certain buildings in Kuwait city as historical and renovates them funded by the government. Get one of those sheikahs to head this committee and do something for the country.

    • Sumsang says:

      How is saving an old and fugly building doing something for the country?

      • Mark says:

        It’s to help you understand your culture and where you come from. It’s history. If they wiped everything from the past how would the next generation know where they came from.

        • Sumsang says:

          Yeah that’s not history. Stuff like old fishing boats and pearl diving apparatus are what I would call history. This building had no bearing on anyone who was around at the time.

          • Mark says:

            Maybe it doesn’t mean anything to you but to the local architectural community it’s of great importance.

          • Gijo says:

            Dear Mr. Sumsang, I take it that you have a PhD in history, and is quite well qualified to distinguish between what is history and what is not?

          • qabazard says:

            Sumsang, Kuwait didn’t have ”old fishing boats”. Kuwait has old trading ships which were used for maritime trade

            Kuwait’s ships were considered the best trade ships and Kuwaiti ships were used in trade ports all over the world

            Fishing is insignificant, Kuwait’s economy was primarily based on maritime trade

  9. Siphr says:

    It is better to at least refurbish but still maintain the façade

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