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Post by Mark

simon the goat

We were supposed to get a real live snake today but for some reason we didn’t. On a positive not we did get a large stuffed mountain goat delivered to our office. We’ve named him Simon.

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  1. R9 says:

    ok Thats reallly creepy! He looks like a goat you see at the gates of hell or something! Seriosly ;S

  2. TweeZ says:

    his left horn looks fucked up. Who was seen last with that goat?

  3. Eddy says:

    what the hell r u going to do with a goat in ur office???

  4. mutmut says:

    thats crazy cool…

  5. Samer Srouji says:

    Honestly, Mark, I would feel creepy having a stuffed goat standing at the entrance to my office…

  6. Stafa says:

    one question, why the fuck do u have a goat in ur office?! :S

  7. zoomzoom says:

    i can’t imagine something worse than looking at goat face in the morning

  8. Judy Abbott says:

    what kind of an office is that !!
    gosh i would quite right away.

  9. jajajaja says:

    you should get a giraffe.. as a pet

  10. Marzouq says:

    hahahaha! Now thats funny!

  11. Mark says:

    its actually not at the entrance of the office, its in the corner inside my office. i just moved into it with my partner so we are customizing it. the thing is huge like 5 feet tall cuz its standing on its hind legs. its really gorgeous in real life.

  12. moocherx says:

    Simon is an excellent name for a goat.

  13. asdsa says:

    Its Not Real, Right :[ ?

  14. SOS says:

    lol! good looking goat..!

  15. andy says:

    isnt that the goat from al-qatariya airways?

  16. Stafa says:

    oooh…its stuffed..shit i dint read that, i thought it was real =P

  17. holla says:

    dude this is like borderline animal cruetly.

  18. Maze says:

    Do u work in a zoo?

  19. Nora says:

    That’s really funny! It might not be as cool as the snake! I’m still waiting for your snake!

  20. vampire says:

    it’s beautiful,, but u gotta be kidding man

  21. moocherx says:

    It’s a clever device to remove the blame from “who smells the most in the office”.

    Now you just point at the poor dead goat.

  22. Mark deSouza says:

    My friend..we need 500 goats tomorrow. We are flying it to India on Al-Jazeera Cargo. Please give me a price quote.

    lol..great goats!

  23. Santa says:

    and its standing on its feet!! oh the terror!

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