Sex shop in Kuwait

Post by Mark

A reader emailed me a link to a Kuwaiti online sex shop. I spent a bit of time on the site trying to find something PG rated I could attach to this post but had problems finding something. They have vibrators, S&M stuff, costumes, creams and a ton of other random stuff. I am guessing this stuff is illegal in Kuwait and that someone is going to get into a bit of trouble now… [Link]

Thanks yaki-CHAN!

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  1. Daddyz Girl says:

    Lmaooooooooo aham shy the warning signs “This site is for married couples only …”

  2. Mark says:

    lol yeah i should have mentioned in my post only married people can check the link

  3. yaki-CHAN says:

    Dude!! The arabic description of each of the items are so FUNNY
    I also have noticed most of the hot stuff are sold out!!!

  4. Yasmeena says:

    Thx for the good laugh Mark.. but ppl check the contact & Delivery page, the girl who is receiving the box is a small girl… loooooooool

  5. Abdulmohsen says:

    yeah i got it by email and thought WTF!

    the PG comment cracked me up! lol

  6. Ahmed says:

    who cares if someone wants to have fun, let them have fun.

  7. cajie says:

    إن الموقع الذي تحاول زيارته محجوب
    Access to this website is prohibited

  8. OMG! that’s not happening ! thanks GOD there is no government to blame now :P

  9. سوط التعذيب الزوجي الجلدي لقضاء ليلة مليئة بالاثارة


  10. mako amal says:

    lol .. Only married people for Halal reasons :P WTF

  11. Sofia says:

    Do u need to also present your marriage certificate at time of delivery? ;P
    I’m definetly sending my maid to pick it up ;P

  12. Realist says:

    LOL this country is getting sicker by the day.

  13. Moey says:


  14. Frankom says:

    They don’t have K-net

  15. Realist says:

    They have flavored undies LOL ! Mark, ask if they have any Burger flavored ones. This might end your burger challenge once and for all !

  16. Abdullah says:


  17. Frankom says:

    المشكلة يقول اتقوا الله
    وحساب ورقيب
    وحاط صور مخله بالاداب

    بس خوش صور
    احم احم

  18. Daddyz Girl says:

    @Frankom ya 3eeb alshoom u reach to the option of COD or KNET loool

  19. rampurple says:

    Dude! a rainbow brite costume!!!
    now they’ve messed up my childhood!

  20. Frankom says:

    is it only me ? :P

  21. TweeZ says:

    there are lots of other places that sell these things in Kuwait. Have you ever looked at some of the classifieds papers here? There two that come to mind “Week end” and “Simsar”. They’ve been selling these things for years now.

    The only reason why it’s making a big deal now its because it is online!

  22. khaloody says:


  23. 3azeez says:

    I heard there is a shop also in one of the small shopping complexes. I don’t remember its name.

  24. 3azeez says:

    funny, the girl’s vibrator ring is out of stock. lol

  25. Vroom Vroom says:

    I got half the office checking it out !

  26. Fahad says:

    This is the highlight of my day.

    I can’t stop laughing!!!!

  27. i don’t know why but it also reminded me of Mark’s old post ” The Pink Ring” LOOL!

  28. g says:

    old news you guys, “girls” know about it weeks back :p

  29. Mathai says:

    WTF ?? :O
    One day the parliament is dissolved, next thing you know online sex shop !! whats next ? our very own Hooters ? *fingers crossed* :D

  30. GeordieLass says:

    these things are sold at the Avenues Ky-Line lingerie stuff best costumes

  31. Mr.pedro says:


  32. Holla says:

    Is the edible underwear HALAL or does it contain pork derivatives?

  33. Bizkitpark says:

    WTF, wayn ga3deen ?

  34. moose says:

    lold hard

  35. Hussle says:

    Hooooohooooooooooooo getting pumped

  36. Dorgeous says:

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! this post topz em all :P

  37. ~LE~ says:

    ummmm.. ok i dunno what people’s problem is…

    Guys grow up..

    Whats the big deal..y3nii i think we’re all mature here and we all know that yes believe it or not once a woman and a man get married…now heres where is may come as a surprise to many…they they they have….Sex. -__-”

    I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like its 7ram.. -__-“

  38. Bizkitpark says:

    ~LE~ :

    its not about the toys,,its about selling toys in kuwait,,mo3’6am el kuwaityeen 3moman yose2oon est3mal hal sh’3lat, what makes you so sure that ONLY married people buy these stuff ?

  39. Kiwi Nomad says:

    it’s probably a scam… looking at the domain name.

  40. Dally says:

    Yeah i heard about it !
    LE .. its not a big deal even not 7aram ( for married couples) but its so cheap! halagaaaa
    i think now enwaab m7athreen estejwab 7ag wazeer ele3lam :P

  41. Bu Yousef says:

    LOL at the the Arabic translation…
    Who is this joker?

  42. Yousef says:

    I bet he will make a career out of it… :P

  43. desertsky says:

    Yes.What people do in private is their business.You find these kinds of shops in most major cities in the western world.It’s not to promote sex,just to spice up the experience with your partner.
    ps The FUNDIES-The underwear for two is quite funny.

  44. hamad al salem says:

    this us the best thing that happened in kuwait!!!!

  45. teach says:

    Any of these outfits freely available in any of the women’s clothes and underwear shops in Fahaheel………….I had never seen such frilliness until I moved to Kuwait…..

  46. interrupt says:

    i personally dont see whats funny about it :/

  47. lensman says:

    Yeah Fundies look cool!!

  48. suspic says:


  49. faisal says:

    at first i was disgusted ويع… ….. until i found the lingerie page @@

  50. confessions of a buca-olic says:

    Tell me something I don’t already know. Sex shop in Kuwait, so what ??
    Big deal!

  51. Ali says:

    Finally closed

    ” Sorry, we are having server problems! Please be patient, while we try to solve the problem. ”

    this site contain viruses !!

  52. LovesSexToys says:

    Really, I’m shocked at all of you. My husband and I always use sex toys to spice up things in the bedroom, not a problem with that, at least that way both of you stay interested and it doesn’t become routine. Why not sell things like this in Kuwait? Marriage isn’t 7aram, and with marriage comes sex, it’s better to enjoy it rather than it feel like a chore.
    What age are you people? 14? And Teach is right much of this stuff you CAN buy in the womens lingerie shops in Fahaheel.
    Perhaps not the vibrators and ”rings” but everything else, of course, you can.

  53. rawad says:

    LOOOOOOOL…. all that happened when i left kuwait :) WTF? Y?

  54. oshkosh says:

    I’m checking the site now with my girl now
    and I have to say, “One vibrator please” ..

  55. HeartBeat says:

    واقي ذكري ذو اضاءة قوية في الظلام، عرض الواقي لقليل من الإضاءة ثم أطفئ الأنوار و انظر إلى الى النتائج المبهرة. تستخدم كلعبة زوجية فقط

    Glowing in the Dark Condom. but note that you need to expose your dick to some light before your turn lights off.

    Oh wait honey I am still charging ! lol

  56. AbdulKareem says:

    I never thought i’d see the day,


    I guess people are becoming a little more open minded, which is a good thing :P

  57. Labeeb says:

    I guess after this post greater number of visitors from google search, so more advertisements on the site, therefore Mark will be happy :)

  58. Mark says:

    i cant add more advertisements to the site, there isn’t anymore room lol

  59. A.f says:

    @@ lovesextoys..#54
    NO2.YOU’RE sharing waaay tooo much, no one wants to know about your sex life thank you…


    yeah they sell those stuff in Mohallab in a store, i don’t think its illegal but i think the TOYS are

  60. Bizkitpark says:

    LovesSexToys : its not about selling them, its about selling them without supervision from someone, its not wrong for married people to use them, but you have to consider that if these things are being sold in public young teenagers are going to misuse them that’s all

  61. desertsky says:

    A true indication that SEX SELLS.The topic always gets the most comments.

  62. croco rock says:

    Young people are going to misuse them?

    What like the Agaad chasing chicks around Marina Mall with a vibrator?

  63. Bdayer says:

    sex and adult shop is on every courner in australia, unlike US where they always place them in the red part of downtown. You have thousands of websites here that deliver stuff that are 10 times better than what u see. I don’t find anything wrong in married couples trying to put some fun in their lives, these items are FDA approved as they are made from materials that are almost impossible for the ordinary kuwaiti man to replicate in his garage.

    Imagine a day where you cant find anything like that advertised, or have text without any photos, like an underground sex shop in kuwait, that would def suck. It should be legislated to insure quality standards really.

  64. 7 says:

    this is soo funny did they have a booth at the proud 2 be q8i convention lol

  65. AlleyCat says:

    I dont see what the big deal is regarding selling ‘costumes’ and sex toys over here… perhaps then we’ll have happier, nicer couples around :p and who knows it could help lower the divorce rate :P

  66. Tarek says:

    unbelievably hilarious :-D

  67. Asinine says:

    I came

    to comment!

  68. cajie says:

    Ok. I saw the comment count for this post at 69 – and just had to make this comment.

  69. Mark what was the post which count the most comments?

  70. Mark says:

    i totally forgot which one but it passed 200 comments second place would be the shark of kuwait post i think.

  71. Q80Warlock says:

    With all those warning signs and messages on that site, makes you think this guy is selling weapons of mass destruction !
    Talk about polite service, getting sued for asking about something not available !!

    Btw there are a couple of Sex shop in Kuwait but they pass as Lingerie shops, but there is always something hidden behind the counter :)

  72. Me says:

    where is this located anyways.. the attached link is blocked !!!

  73. ABX7X says:

    I heard that we have a lot in Kuwait, and now am sure about it LOL


    I would like to have to glowing condom yippee

  74. jayson says:

    LOL! maybe they also sell chewable undies… nice! :)

  75. Des!gner says:

    This web site should have a booth in P2BK next time :P

    Hilarious :D

  76. Ms. Thunder Thighs Kuwait says:

    The idea of an airport concession at Kwt International ain’t too bad either. They would do well to hire gals from Belarus, Russia and China to man these kiosks and pull in the crowds.

  77. David says:

    The Kuwaiti government may get smart and try to track these website purchases like the U.S. government tries to track American citizens buying Cuban Cigars. There was an article last year in the Stars & Stripes on the American governments efforts at catching Americans buying Cuban Cigars with credit cards. Some how there is always a “paper trail”! Damn them!

  78. Lily says:

    i hope they dont take down the site!!! i need to buy half their products!! for research purposes : P

  79. ialmostneverleavecomments says:

    baaiiih ya7lailkom everything is openly available in certain complexes bas u dont get to see lana they dont let men in the shops :P

  80. KTDP says:

    ppffffffft ……. old news ……

  81. YaCCo says:

    Glowing condom… Big deal…

    Just go one of the places you can find DU, eg. Um Al Kwaty, stick your dick in the sand… and surprise… you have glowing dick without any condoms :D

    In Souk Salmiya there are couple of ladies’ lingerie shops where you can find all of the costumes needed. My wife has visited there couple of times and for sure the collection they have is really nice, expensive though.

    For some reason, men are not allowed to go behind the partition where they have all those costumes :) would be nice to go there with my wife and visit the fitting room with my wife as well. and at least in our home country those visits to fitting room might take some time every now and then;)

  82. Z says:

    I’m pretty sure teenagers know how to use sex toys. Good lookin’ out though bro.

  83. David says:

    Hell they go right next door to Bahrain and hire girls from there to work the kiosks! You know they got a big bootie Bahraini girl that has become a really big hit over there too! I got some friends over there in Bahrain that have seen her with their own eyes! She’s Americanized of course!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Not true Yacco, I’ve seen all the dresses in those booth shops you’re talking about. This is well known and old, but like others have said, this is getting a lot of attention because it’s online with a catalog and descriptions that make you giggle.

  85. hilaliya says:

    Anyone remember the ‘treasure chest’ in DC?

  86. Meow Meow says:

    gosh!! i guess they shud openly sell these in kuwaiti malls!! so nothign remains a mystery for people to explore and go crazy! tats wat kuwait lacks!! open mindedness!!

  87. David says:

    Everyone new that Kuwait lacked open-mindness since the first Gulf War. Is it true that alcohol was legal here before the first war? It is just what I’ve heard.

  88. Sephi says:


    @David: Yes, Kuwait was very different before the war. Most of the open-minded people left, leaving us with the crap we have today.

  89. Devils Angel says:

    O my gud gracious……. WTH is the big deal.
    its nt like ppl from this country dont travel to other countries…. wht do they do there whn they see shop like this?
    close their eyes..sayin its 7ram? y3ni Sho? haha…i’v seen them literally drrrrrooooooooollllllll 8-P
    i mean bein totaly honest, its coz there is so much unnecessary restrictions here, ppl from here go out there and do things they pretend nt to do..

    @.. its funny how it all changes whn they travel and do stuff they claim not to do whn they r out here and call it 7ram.
    cmon ppl…broaden tht mind.

  90. kuwaiti says:

    Armani Exchanger you really make me laugh

  91. Kuwaiti says:

    elly yesma3 kum yeqool kilsh etha mo metzawej na6er el sex shop 3ashan ye sex !!

    we do sex with sex shop online or without it !

    also we can bring it from outside of kuwait ..

    ou in alwaseet papers there are many of them sell..

    fa la te9eroon wayed 7saseen !

    3ala fekra bel kuwait ayam el sab3iniyat kan fee porno movie bel kuwait mix lebanese, egyptaion, kuwaiti actors and actress ou kan fee night clubs on the top of the kuwait airways tower & sharq tower the blue one ..

    fa be cool

  92. Angels Devil says:

    ahan!!! tayeb
    but its all illegal, despite the authorities / public here knw whts hapening.

    the whole idea of bein all hysterical when it comes to subjects like this is nt fun.

    there is no rationality in the mentality of the people here!!!!

    In kuwait its all abt “WASTA”….

    the MAIN idea to all the HYPOCRITES out here is……….

    STOP BEIN HYPOCRITES….. we know wth is goin on …

    now!! recently in salmiya near rashed hospital… a lotta shit has been happening ever since the building has been constructed , but the place doesnt get busted coz it apparently is owened by a BIG guy…lol

    i know there r parties and clubs , but ILLEGAL MAN!!!
    Its nt fun thinkin abt whts gona happen once u leave the premisis of the party or club as to whn ur gonna get busted for drinkin.
    its the whole fear factor tht common public have to bother abt while ppl with wastas get away evn with murder..

  93. Yaso says:

    3adi so what ? :/
    7g ilmtzwjeeen

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