Shake Shack opening tonight

Post by Mark

I just found out that Shake Shack will be opening tonight at 6 in the evening.

Update: Tonight it’s just for the press and media. Tomorrow 11AM it opens up to the general public.

Update2: My contact at Alshaya just told me Shake Shack decided to open to the public today right after they finished with the press event.

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  1. k says:

    I was planning on joining the gym at 6 pm….


  2. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    I have been waiting for this day for a very long time!

  3. HELLRAISER says:

    tried it last Thursday, they had training and my kids just walked in got a complimentary meal, great staff great coffee shake, highly recommended!

  4. cajie says:

    It is going to be madness there for the first few days.

    • Tizoc says:

      It sure will Cajie, it sure will.

      Just wondering what will be next. First it was cupcakes, then burgers, then alien looking hijabs, polo shirts for the boys, then donuts, now frozen yogurt!!

      • Khajoor says:

        you forgot hummers!

        • sooli says:

          blackerries, iphones, tablet pc’s, crocs,

          • 5alid says:

            I don’t get it so Kuwaiti’s are not allowed to have nice things?

            • Khajoor says:

              Of course you’re allowed to have it. But materialism is what defines someone here, it seems. If you have a Land Cruiser, the person driving the corolla has to give way! It’s that society where wealth defines who you are.

              • K says:

                that definition is carried by only shallow mentalies… or maybe for some young kids…

                I know many professionals, CEOs, etc… that drive a regular old chevrolet caprice .. and they are doing more than great …

                we see people from the window of our eyes.

              • Hala_Z says:

                No dear you are wrong! You don’t have to generalize ! In every society there are good and bad people ! Even your society ! In addition, I do have many Asian friends and we like and respect each other!

                Regards, Kuwaiti girl

              • strumming says:

                Is it really that different from where you are?

  5. SAD says:

    whats the big deal with this junk food chain??
    Mark you have become a q80

    • Mark says:

      July 7th is what I was originally told 2 weeks back but they said it might get delayed a few days hence I posted it would be open in 2 weeks.

  6. Azz says:

    opening TONIGHT at 6 in the EVENING….:)…jst for sake of a laugh..

  7. F.A. says:

    Erm, so where is shake shak plz?

  8. Phoenix says:

    any freebies :D

  9. yousefq8 says:

    Dude just post your review of it now. You’ve hyped it up with 50,000 blog posts and have become completely biased. We already know you’re going to give it 5 stars.

    • Mark says:

      dude i was writing about shake shack before alshaya knew what shake shack was. It’s not my fault they bring everything I like to kuwait. I’m still waiting for them to bring In-N-Out.

      also shake shack wasn’t a 5 when i had it in new york so i doubt it’s going to be a 5 here. i’m a five guys guy more than a shake shack guy i’m surprised you didn’t know that.

      • yousefq8 says:

        5 guys is pretty good. +1

      • Chris says:

        In N Out.. I wonder if it will be the same in Kuwait.. long ass wait times >_>

      • Burhan says:

        Too bad you aren’t into books cause we desperately need a proper bookstore here :(

        Avoiding Avenues for the rest of the weekend.

        • Pickles says:

          In-N-Out is a family owned business, that’s kind of there motto. I doubt we will see it here anytime soon.

        • Khajoor says:

          I agree with you 100%. We do need a book store. and we need something that is genuine and worth going into. I hope we dont get something like another pretentious Al franchise which has little to do with the actual books but focuses more on how it looks and what type of crowd they attract. I know a Borders and Barnes and Noble could be eyed, but I have a feeling that they wouldn’t last long as ebooks and ordering from amazon has become staple.

        • yousefq8 says:

          “desperately need a proper bookstore here :(”

          Book store @ avanues?
          Book store @ Muthana complex basement?
          Book store @ Virgin marina mall?
          Book stores all around Kuwait?

          Come on bro bro!

        • Hala_Z says:

          First of all, this subject is away from reading! Why would we have to express our interests here and the post is about food! So how did you know we are not into books ? Second, you can visit Al-Muthanna Complex, Jareer, Virgin, and Hawalli book stores like; Al-Bader, Al-Aujairi and Al-Atlas.

  10. Chucknum says:

    I’m Shakin’ Shackin’ right now.

  11. Yeni says:

    They are already open. I just had lunch there now (for free). However I was extremely underwhelmed, especially given Mark’s 14 posts about the place. The burger tasted very bland, but the fries were nice (very much like Nathan’s).

    • moh says:

      (for free) doesn’t mean its open dude its only a complimentary meal, the opening is tomoro trust me on this ;)

      • Yeni says:

        I just walked in and ordered my food, there were three or four other people already eating there. I didn’t realize it was free until I tried to pay. You might be correct about when it will officially be open, but for all practical purposes its open now, and its free which is an added bonus.

  12. Nick says:

    I just passed by and it’s opening tomorrow at 11am, tonight is the launch party for the Execs and media. I will be first in line tomorrow, cannot wait.

  13. Abdulsalam says:

    There will be blood.

  14. waleed says:

    Sad but true..

  15. Snake-87 says:

    7th Jul is My cousin wedding :(

  16. boyousef says:

    how much is there cheese cake and shack burger ?

  17. Lu says:

    Unrelated question

    Been searching for a decent obstetrician for a while..can someone recommend someone who won’t give me 20 year old recommendations,,and if its a male doctor…then one that doesnt look like a total creep

    thanks :)

  18. Khajoor says:

    ridiculous! media and press conference… just open the damn place already and we’ll see what the “hype” is all about. We passed by the Avenues for lunch today and Shake Shack looks pitifully small. It’s going to crowded. But I hope it’s good. I would certainly visit the place.

  19. Ramez says:

    SHAKE SHACK opening tomorrow 11:00a.m at The Avenues ;)

    Copied from the official fan page on the facebook

  20. don Veto says:

    Yawn , another junk food joint

  21. Fame says:

    I passed by Shake Shack today and knew that the management decided to open the restaurant at 09:30pm since there were lots of people standing for it and lots of requests to open at that time.

  22. Nick says:

    Passed by this evening and wow, so nice. Great food, service and music. Try it!

  23. Realist says:

    Tried it in Dubai, hope this one is better. Can’t fix the fries though its totally skipable.

  24. TweeZ says:

    Montakhab el3a9eer a7la mina ibwaayed!

  25. deQor8 says:

    better be one heckuva burger for all this press …

  26. 3aziiz says:

    i would say the best three places to eat a jucy burger are Elevation Burger / Fatburger / Shake Shack!

  27. Scott says:

    OMG, the Shack Stack is the best burger I had in my life PERIOD!! So glad I decided to go shopping at Avenues yesterday!

  28. Ralph says:

    At the end, It’s just a burger…

  29. nada says:

    love love SHAKE SHACK

  30. Hielda says:

    Just tried it, it is Ok but not a WOW!! I mean after all it is just another burger!

  31. Oy Vey says:

    It’s a freakin’ burger. Not the cure for AIDS.

    Some people need to sit down for a minute and get their priorities straight… LOL.

  32. Fame says:

    i passed by Shake Shack today at lunch time, the line was too long and people were very happy to wait…. which really surprised me !!!!
    and I also found something which really attracted my attention which is the Big Burger Icon placed in the middle of the mall with lights and promoters around it. the stand looks creative and lovely, and the smooth lighting of the icons were really nice.
    hope they will continue like this….

  33. Mark says:

    I didn’t mind waiting in line for 40 minutes at Shake Shack New York since I was only going to be there for 10 days. But, there is no way I’m going to wait in line for a burger in Kuwait. I’ll just wait till everyone gets bored and then go or wait till alshaya open a second Shake Shack branch at Avenues.

  34. coffers says:

    the que wasnt that long 15 to 20 minutes ..had the Shack Stack and cheese fries … both quite nice ..the thing i noticed while sitting there was that everyone was just trying the normal burgers …not a single person was trying their desserts ..their shack attack was really nice ..there was another desert with peanut butter ..forgot the name that was also good. if you go there thinking its just another burger place and just try their plain burger then what do you expect.. be adventerous ang try something new you might be pleasantly surprised.

  35. Scott says:

    I completely agree….. i tried the Shack Attack, was great… soooooooooooooo chocolatey…. it’s a chocoholics dream…

  36. Nick says:

    Yes same here waiting for 10 mins on the opening day and the food, service and food was amazing!

    I had a Standstorm, a special for Kuwait I am told – like it.

  37. Bart says:

    The place is amazing. Music cool. Staff good. And food excellent.

    I will be back again and again………

  38. jihad says:

    i just tried shake shack the food is not bad but greasy. in addition after the food you spend some time in the bathroom. the price is also high for a shack burger.

  39. Taster says:

    hi all

    awlaan alf mabroook to shake shack 3ala al opening in q8 :)
    thaneyaan ana jaraabt SS fe Dubai akthaar men mara o kan teasty o nice , BUT there is another Nice Burger Mooooooooooore then SS … :P~

  40. Roger says:

    Spot the bloggers here who work for Alshaya/shake shack!

  41. TSK says:

    Tis a sad country when people get so excited about a new burger place opening up.

    • Mark says:

      You don’t think people in other countries get excited when there is something new? Haven’t you seen pictures of the long lines outside Apple stores around the world on the launch of iPhones? Troll

  42. Yepyep says:

    Hey Mishal, What do you mean by sheep?

  43. MAK says:

    7adkom decoor,, hungry bunny oo yekhob 3alekom

  44. Hala_Z says:

    If u don’t like to try new restaurant why do u want to prevent others from doing that ? Stop criticizing everything in ur country! You have to get excited when there is something new or keep ur negative words.

  45. Khajoor says:

    Verdict: Worst hamburger I have ever had. Period.

    We stood in the queue for nearly 10 minutes which wasn’t too long. The place so damn expensive. We got two double cheese burgers and a new york hot dog. Fries and drinks were seperate. Total bill? 12.000 KD!!!! The food came quite fast but to say it was disappointing is an understatement. It was straight up NASTY! The hot dog was overflowing with cheese to a point where the bun became a mushy wad of cheesy goo. There was no other condiment added (1.250 KD for this???). The fries were standard, nothing too special, but certainly not bad either. It was quite bland like most American style meals but decent. Now the part I was waiting for….the hamburger. It looked like a dirty mess of boiled and fried meat and some butter soaked potato bread. the moment I had a bite of it, I thought…this is it? The flavor was beyond bland and worst of all, grease was all over the place. At one point it felt like this was supposed to be meatloaf with no spices and some greasy bread sprinkled on top as garnish. We finished it but the excessive grease has probably just started to make its way into my belly. Once we were done, it felt like a khazan hamburger would have been a better choice.

    don’t knock me for not liking it. I was looking forward to this place but this is the most disappointing restaurant I have been to.

  46. Bart says:

    I had a great meal at Shake Shack, it’s relaxed and good fun. Food is good, after all it’s a burger joint. The staff try to make fun and I will go back. A bit of new life in Kuwait with a place that has some energy and spirit. Well done Shake Shack! I will be back 10/10!

  47. Bart says:

    Mark, when do you publish your review?

  48. Sara says:

    Do you know what time shake shack opens? is 11:00 or 1:00 ?

  49. iKhaldoon says:

    I just came from the states, and had tried Umami, In-N-Out, Shake shake, etc., still nothing as compared to Napkit’s burger :))

  50. instantcravings says:

    is it just me or is that one very very small burger?

    i’d need atleast two of those to get me anywhere.

    my two cents – it ain’t value for money – perhaps snob value.

  51. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    Shake shack’s burgers are delicious. The meat is more than tasty! the fries are lite and tasty and the chocolate malt, I don’t need to go there…. yes I do, TASTY! Will be trying the hotdog on the potato bun this weekend! Now just waiting on FIVE GUYS to get here.

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