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Souk Sharq

I passed by Souk Sharq today morning because I wanted to get some breakfast from Sultan Center. Most of the parking lot opposite Debenhams was closed because of construction. Souk Sharq is finally building car shades it seems. It took them how many years to realize that a shaded parking is important in Kuwait? If it wasn’t for the strong competition from Marina Mall I don’t think they would have bothered with the shades. I think they are doing too little too late. I think the Souk Sharq days are gone, Marina Mall is a much better place with better shops, a better food court and much better management. There are a couple of more large projects coming up, we will see if they will also turn out to be better then Souk Sharq.

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too right, marina makes sharq look boring! its funny cos when i go to kuwait i like shopping in sharq but none of my friends come with me 🙂 they say: yeah hon, when u go to marina give us a call LOL.. i go to sharq cos my parents took me there all the time when i was a teenager and believe it or not i like the shops there

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