Stay away from Showtime and United Networks

Post by Mark

I just came back from my bank. I went to check and see if Showtime honored my cancellation request and canceled my standing order with the bank but it turns out they haven’t. I no longer have Showtime at home since I canceled my subscription over 2 months ago but they are still taking money from me every month!

The employee at the bank was very helpful because he had gone through the same situation with United Networks which is also owned by Global Direct the same company that owns and runs Showtime. He told me what many people are doing is canceling their credit cards so that Showtime stops billing them but I wouldn’t be able to do that because Showtime take the amount straight from my account and not my credit card. So, the employee gave me some numbers at Showtime to contact but he told me they rarely pick up and to keep trying.

Dealing with Showtime has seriously been the worst experience I have ever had with any company ever! I am really trying to think of a company that treated me worst but can’t think of any at the moment. My advice is to stay away from Showtime and any other company that is run by Global Direct like United Networks and ZakSat.

update: Just got off the phone with someone at Showtime. He was very friendly and helpful. He apologized for the mixup and told me they would refund me the extra months they have taken and make sure they cancel my subscription for sure. Finally!

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  1. Toxy says:

    Hahah…..Mark back to his complaining best.

    I’ve heard so many horror stories about Showshit. They must surely rank up there with FastTelCrap and the like.

    I STILL haven’t cancelled my card. Maybe I’ll go today :-D

  2. Marzouq says:

    That is why I pay cash! They are horrible! This is really annoying that they take from your account for no reason!

  3. TriniManiac says:

    Just a question,

    Even if you finally settle with them.. Well you get your money back for the months they kept charging you for?

    Usually the companies harras the subscriber if he doesn’t pay but it I love seeing what happens when a poor subscriber wants his money back from them!

  4. Mark says:

    according to the guy i spoke to i should get a refund for the months they charged me after i canceled by tomorrow evening.

  5. lfc-Q8 says:

    well to tell u the truth i dont have any problems with show time the only problem was with ART
    i have showtime and united networks DSL
    but here is the catch
    i pay cash :) listen in kuwait or any arab world cash rules and dont even think of giving them ur cc info or bank account
    talking about showtime and tv… when do you think we can watch some HDTV?

  6. moocherx says:

    I bet they’re making a FORTUNE from people who put up with this sh*t and don’t demand refunds. What a SCAM!!!

  7. Mo Hat says:

    bravo mark something that is greatly worth complaining about. ;)

  8. FONZIE says:

    Call Showtime GM in Kuwait and tell him your problem, His name is Ghassan
    Mobile : 6989560

  9. moocherx says:

    wow – GM of showtime? I won’t call to complain. But I will call to ask for a new Land Cruiser.

  10. EX-showtime_customer says:

    Been there, done that. Fucking bastards keep on stealing from theri subscribers & if you call them & raise ur complaint, they chose the easy way out by blaming it either on the bank or blaming the financial department in their head office in Dubai!!!

  11. mocman says:

    zaksat… isnt that zaid al kazmi??? and they dont have anything to do with global direct… i think.

  12. Mark says:

    ZakSat = ShowNet = Global Direct

  13. MacaholiQ8 says:

    I’m glad I paid in cash for my United Networks connection.

    About Showtime, have you considered getting one of these? It works fine and all Showtime packages are working.

  14. Marzouq says:

    Cash >> Credit Cards!

    Im with moocherx on the landcruiser!

  15. Fonzy says:

    as marzouq said, stick to cash. thats what i do

  16. Purgatory says:

    does mean you will get it, he just was nice.

  17. Purgatory says:

    does NOT

  18. Marzouq says:

    Im with Purg.. he could have been nice, but doesnt mean it will happen!

  19. zaydoun says:

    OK lets clear a few things up here, shall we?

    Showtime Arabia is owned by KIPCO and operates out of Dubai, and your credit card transactions are charged to their account over there, and its all handled out of Dubai

    Global Direct is the exclusive DISTRIBUTOR of Showtime in Kuwait and is owned by United Networks, not the other way round. Global Direct does not OWN Showtime either.

    United Networks is part of the KIPCO group

    Your issues are with Showtime Arabia in Dubai and Global Direct understands your problem as it has happened to so many customers before you. The team at Global Direct are well versed in this problem and will always do their best to take care of you.

    And that friendly person who solved your problem? A Global Direct employee of course! :)

  20. Mark says:

    Actually thats not all true. My transactions are all local because I am not using my Credit Card. The problem isn’t with Showtime Arabia in Dubai its a problem with Global Direct in Kuwait. They cancelled my subscription but didn’t send my papers to NBK with their Mandoub.

    With Showtime I have already cancelled my subscription but Global Direct in Kuwait is still taking money from me.

  21. TweeZ says:

    like I said…..Jewtime, not Showtime!

  22. Diablo says:

    Well, let’s be fair for awhile.
    If you didn’t face any problem with them and the service was excellent, then we wouldn’t hear a thing about that.
    I have been working in service providers (internet, telecommunications and entertainment) for the last 7 years. I have rarely heard compliments from customers even if they were extremely satisfied.
    Only angry customers with problems will reach to you :)
    And by the way this is not only happening in the Arab world, it’s an international issue with all service providers.
    Some of them are considered to be the biggest and most famous service providers in the world.
    I believe we are doing fine here in Kuwait, and as for United Networks I’m really happy with their home DSL service.
    I just hope they will continue to keep up providing the good service unlike some other ISP’s.


  23. Mark says:

    Diablo is you do a search on this site for Qualitynet you will find a lot of posts where i talk about how good they are. I don’t post only the negatives, i post positives to when they happen.

  24. Diablo says:

    Actually I was talking in general mate
    Arab customers “specially in Kuwait” are very needy, demanding and always expects perfection
    Unfortunately perfection is way too far to be reached here in Kuwait for many reasons I don’t want to go through right now.
    As for Qualitynet, my cousin went through a tuff time with them, ends up cancelling his subscription and shifted to Fast Telco just to face the same problems again.
    It’s a ratio of your own experience and how lucky you got which will lead to the level of satisfaction.
    Don’t ask me how that works lol

    Cheers M8 and WTG

  25. zaydoun says:


    You’ve had issues with GD before as I recall, regarding your Showtime subscription. Do you also have United Networks DSL at home or work?

  26. ShowSux says:

    Going to cancel mine today. Real crap service !!!!

  27. Shifa says:

    we took internet connection from global direct.its been 4 months and the net is not connected yet.they are taking 13kd every month from our account.i went to their office and told the problem many times.they will say they will send one guy to fix the problem next day.but nobody came.i am thinking of cancelling the account paying money without using internet even for a day.

  28. mani says:

    I have a choice between fast telco and global direct.can anybody please suggest what i should go for?

  29. Feroz says:

    Showtime is really shit….They all jungle monkey’s having no clues wat they suppose to do or know. They give all false promises to customers and no ethics, moreover no word of apology even after complaining. Have been using kems for 2 yrs with not a single problem…and their customer service…tooo good…

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