Stunt driving on the Gulf Road

Post by Mark

360Dewan uploaded the video above onto YouTube of a Nissan Patrol Land Cruiser on two wheels at a traffic intersection. Best part of the video is when the Patrol gets chased by cops at the end. [Link]

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  1. Sami says:

    haha… 20 seconds of fun & then boom

  2. Anonymous says:

    He had it coming.

  3. Adam says:

    hahahahahaha nice

  4. Mr.pedro says:

    LooL owned btw mark fix it its a Land cruiser

  5. 3azeez says:

    that retard thought he’s in saudi arabiya.. lol

  6. 3amor Q says:

    looool 3ala akher shay eldawrya:p

  7. Desert Girl says:

    What is the problem with driving on 2 wheels? I don’t get it. ;)

  8. Desert Girl says:

    Looks like a Patrol to me.

  9. Rafeek says:

    These 5 series police cars, are they 540’s?

  10. SpicyEdit says:

    Owzum!! stil can’t figure tho how he manages to ride on 2 wheels..

  11. Realist says:

    In Qatar, this is pretty much standard driving.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Land cruiser 70’s series

  13. skyline says:

    i agree with realist also in UAE .. its like a regular thing you see every other minute !!

    Besides its known locally by Bu-Shanab (Land Cruiser-FJ 70-Standard with no fancy options), equipped with with tires 900 size called Balloon which helps it preform this with less effort and just do some balancing from the inside !

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